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Dear writer,

Sorry for the lateness!

I honestly would appreciate about any fic about the characters I requested. Any!

Things I love

Curtain and slife-of-life fic. I'm not much for angst and my favourite tone ranges from fluffy to bittersweet. I deeply enjoy humour, particularly dry or sarcastic humour... as well rom-com-ish humour.

I very much like stories that play with the formal structure, use weird formats or go all meta. I also like stories about the little wonders of every-day life. And plotty casefic! My favourite genres are mystery and fantasy, fwiw.

In terms of characters, I like conflictive yet loyal dynamics and makeshift families a whole damn lot.

General DNWs

Bodily fluids except for blood, rape, incest.

Other places to check out

This is my tumblr and this is my fic.

Keizoku 2: SPEC | SPEC ~ First Blood

Requested characters: Toma Saya - Sebumi Takeru

My favourite part of SPEC is how it deals with the themes of memory, pain and identity. I like how what makes us ourselves and what makes us humans is our memories and how memory = truth.

I also deeply enjoy how optimistic it is, despite the gore, the death and the Apocalypsis.

I'm interested in anything, but specially in post-canon fic or case files (or both). Exploring the canon lore would also super interesting, given how little sense it makes and how utterly cryptic it is.

In terms of tone, given how SPEC is all over the place, as long as it maintains the bizarreness and off-putting nature of the show, I'm happy with it.

I ship Touma/Sebumi a whole damn lot, but since their relatioship is pretty much universe-changing and rule-defying, I also really like gen fic about them and their relationship.

My DNWs for this canon would be my general ones + mundane AUs.


Requested characters: Corvo Attano - Emily Kaldwin - Jessamine Kaldwin

My favourite thing about this canon is its worldbuilding and how lived-in its world is. I'm really interested in how that connects to the personal journeys of the characters.

I love Corvo's bond to the Kaldwins. So I would really enjoy

- pre-canon fic about how their makeshift family worked
- fic set during canon where Corvo and Emily deal with what happened to Jessamine
- post-canon fic about Jessamine's legacy and Emily's reign.

I'd also really love canon divergence fic.

Ant-Man (Movies)

One of my favourite things about Ant-Man is its sense of fun and warmth. While the stakes are high-ish, the movie always has fun with its premise. So I'd enjoy fic ranging from bittersweet to fluffy.

In terms of the characters requested, it would be interesting to see how Hope reacts to Luis, for example. Or how Hank grapples with Scott taking his legacy and running with it. How does Hank react to Luis, as well? Luis is part of Scott's past and it'd be nice to see that interacting with his present in general.

My DNWs for this canon would be my general ones + deathfic and mundane AUs.
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+ Life's busy! Very busy. I'm still dealing with that and how to organize myself to get everything done.

+ Fandom-wise, I'm drowning in Steve/Tony feels. Drowning in them.

(I play Tony in a multifandom RPG and... drowning.)

+ Remix is doing its 9th Cycle. I can't believe I'm still doing that. I love my little baby. Anna and I did talk about offering our services as remix mods for other fandoms. We're total pros.

+ If I can think of a name, I still really want to run a Dead Fandoms exchange. But I can't think of that name so...

+ My RPG circle, somehow, managed to create a D&Dish guild full of OCs. In like. three days we have backstories for like 20 OCs and we're hammering out the details. I'm still amused about how my character wasn't even created by me - he just sprung to life.

+ I haven't written fic in a while - I have a great pile of fics in various state of unfinished laying around -, but I made a vid:

I'm actually really proud of it. I premiered it at the con I run with my friends and people even danced.

+ Cons! We're running another one in November, since around 400 people showed up the first time. We're also doing a party. Because we're that awesome.

+ I have pretty hair now! It's red and amazing.

Also I'm a dork.

+ OTW! So I still feel weird about addressing people publicly in my... official capacity or something. I'm considering creating a serious DW account because if I do start talking about what I do in more detail, I don't think people will want to wade through me talking about my hair.

That said, I'm in Support now. And I should do some tickets. >.> Category Change exists, seriously exists. I'm having... well, not as much of a hard time as I thought I'd have as the lead. I mean, it's still in the early stages of work and I'm still learning what I'm supposed to do, but overall, I actually feel really supported.

+ College! I'm taking classes again and it's really weird. Also god I want this to end. Some day.

+ RL Volunteering! Oooh, still so rewarding.

+ Life! Still really complicated in many ways, but I guess it'll always be.
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Since my requests were very open, you can read on if you want more details. :)

+ General likes, dislikes and squicks:

I'm a fluff bunny. I like happy stories the most - gen, F/F, M/M, threesomes, AU, whatever - but I can enjoy angst stories as well. I enjoy porn, but it's not required at all.

In terms of pairings, a dynamic I enjoy is when the relationship is always confrontational, rife with communication issues and always slightly violent, but in which both people are willing to fight for it and become better people as a result.

I also enjoy romance of the not-so-loud kind. While romantic clichés have a place in my heart, I'm more of a curtain fic girl. Fluffiness and slice-of-life fics are awesome; you know, just a quiet, unassuming fic about the bittersweetness and the wonders of every day life.

In terms of gen, friendship and makeshift families and the overcoming differences and learning about new stuff are tropes I really like.

If you want to write some plotty stuff, then I'm all for it! Post-canon and fill-in-the-gaps fics are welcome, as well as pre-canon stuff.

Humour - particularly of the sarcastic or the absurd kind. Banter and witticisms - even smug ones! - is always welcomed, as are strong narrative voices, strong stylistic choices, references and meta commentary. I'm a Lit major, I appreciate it a lot.

My squicks would be bodily fluids - except for blood, but even then I'm a little squeamish -, gore, mpreg, vore and chan/shotacon. It's a rather short list. :)
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So! You may have heard of the OTW - Organization for Transformative Works -. It's a non-profit organization run by fans that wants to help fandom in all its forms - when fandom wants it, of course -. Among other projects, the OTW handles the Archive of Our Own, an fanfic archive that accepts every kind of fic - RPF, anime, manga, TV series, movies, comics, video games, ice cream flavours... - and that's completely funded by donations. No ads! There's also the Open Doors project, that's available for fic archives which are in danger of going under, Fanlore - a wiki about fandom -, etc.

I've been a tag wrangler at the AO3 for a few years now and this year I became a staffer - that is, a volunteer with more responsibility -. If you're ever interested, there are many ways to help. (Tag Wrangling is easy! And doesn't take that much time! Many fandoms need people who can take care of the tags.)

I know many people have issues with the AO3 and the OTW in general, and this is your chance to give feedback! We're doing a survey right now that covers ... many, many things, to try and figure out what people think of the OTW. :)

OTW Community Survey, April 18-May 2, 2012, survey URL
OTW Community Survey
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  • Went to Mexico. Passed some finals. Apparently got a job - a... promotion to staff in my current volunteer gig. Oncoming drama storm in my RL social circles.
  • Doing work for the OTW, as a staffer now - it's fun but challenging. Running a con again, around June. Going to run a challenge about dead fandoms around August because I can.
  • Not writing fic and behind on Arashi. Watching Korra religiously. Waiting for Who. Reading fic in a wide variety of fandoms. RPing a lot.
  • All in all, life is exhausting but hey, at least shit is happening.
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Sign ups for the JE Remix are open! Go join the fun!

I did sign up in the end because I think I can post my Very Late Gift Fics before assignments go out and because I still have eight stories that have not been remixed. The problem with my fics is that they tend to be so weird that they're really hard for my remixers. And given how OKAY THIS YEAR I'M DOING A REMIX WRITTEN WITH MACARONI! I tend to be, I think my remixees probably also hate me as well.

There's a chance I'm running a panfandom challenge in the AO3 later in the year. If nobody beats me to it.

That said, I'M GOING ON HOLIDAY WOO-HOO. We're going to stay at my family's farm with some friends. It's a great place, with a jacuzzi and tons of this like that so I'm really happy.

Weirdly enough, my parents in a middle of a separation are probably a happier marriage than many others and they're confusing the hell out of me.
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- First of all, let's discuss the LJ situation.

I've been crossposting from DW since forever and now I'm seriously considering using LJ just to, well, lurk in subbing comms and the like. And comment on my flists' journals who haven't moved.

That said, I mostly use plurk these days and I've been in a big fannish funk - I defaulted on two exchanges this year, damn it. I still love my silly boybands, but the muse is not here. And Who does not really inspire me. Rather, roleplaying the Doctor is enough for me.

My main fannish activity this year was an off-LJ RPG. And tons of RPGs are moving away from LJ anyway.

Well, I also anonmeme'd a lot. (That's not moving.)

I still write fic but... well, honestly? It's not like I lose hundreds of readers in LJ if I post only at the AO3. And I like the Archive. Okay, no, I adore it. I won't deny it has issues - the browsing, for starters - but I'm a tag wrangler because I adore it and I think it has tons of awesome potential. I've always liked archives better than journals, when it comes to fic reading, and my fandoms do have fic there.

So I'm really thinking about leaving LJ. Seriously leaving LJ.

- The [ profile] jentfic_remix won't, though, and a new round is about to start!

- Related to the defaulting - how late can one give a gift fic? Because I did finish them, but now I'm all awkward and the longer I wait, the worse it gets.

I mean, I'll just upload the Yuletide one to the NYR collection but...

- I got two Yuletide fics!

Home Ec With The Green Fairy (1319 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Gunnerkrigg Court
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Reynardine (Gunnerkrigg Court), Antimony Carver, Katerina Donlan

Annie and Kat were up to something. Something that involved the rustling of plastic shopping bags annoyingly close to the corner where Reynardine was trying to take a nap.

and a Treat! It's the first one I've gotten. It's in Spanish, though.

Donde hubo fuego (642 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Mafalda (Comic Strip)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Miguel Pitti, Manuel Goreiro jr., Susana Beatriz Clotilde Chiruchi, Felipe

Los años han pasado y los amigos de Mafalda han crecido.

- College is sorta okay, as always. Volunteer work - still awesome. Parents in a marital crisis. Let's not talk about that. Yesterday it was the first anniversary of my Granny's death. I fucking hate December.
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Dear Yuletide Author:

Thanks in advance! I left my requests very open, but if you want more details, read on!

You could check my interests or my fics to get an idea of what I like, probably.

First, some general likes, dislikes and squicks, in case you're like me and want more info:

I'm a fluff bunny. I like happy stories - gen, F/F, M/M, threesomes, AU, whatever - but I can enjoy angst stories as well. I enjoy porn, but it's not required at all.

In terms of pairings, a dynamic I enjoy is when the relationship is always confrontational, rife with communication issues and always slightly violent, but in which both people are willing to fight for it and become better people as a result.

I also enjoy romance of the not-so-loud kind. While romantic clichés have a place in my heart, I'm more of a curtain fic girl. Fluffiness and slice-of-life fics are awesome; you know, just a quiet, unassuming fic about the bittersweetness and the wonders of every day life.

In terms of gen, friendship and makeshift families and the overcoming differences and learning about new stuff are tropes I really like.

Humour - particularly of the sarcastic or the absurd kind. Banter and witticisms - even smug ones! - is always welcomed, as are strong narrative voices, strong stylistic choices, references and meta commentary. I'm a Lit major, I appreciate it a lot.

My squicks would be bodily fluids - except for blood -, gore, mpreg, vore and chan/shotacon. It's a rather short list. :)

+ Mafalda - Quino [Comic Strip]

Future fic would be awesome. Fic about their childhood games and about their loose Nakama would be nice as well. Or about their teenage years.

Given the political nature of the strip, a fic focusing on that would be good but only if you feel confident doing so.

Susanita/Manolito is my favourite ship and probably the first one. They're belligerent but their core values - fucked up as they are - are in sync. They're far more alike they care to admit.

I grew up on this comic and maybe at first I missed most political jokes, but now I can appreciate it for the keen social commentary it really is. Some of it may be a little outdated - for example, Mafalda's attitude towards her mother - but a lot of it still rings true. Its insight on the Argentinian society still holds up.

I like how the children work together even if they're that different. I'm always curious about whether they drifted apart as they grew older or not.

Since the historic, political aspect is so pronounced, I'd love something that explores how the cast reacted to the changed that ensued after the comic ended, but if you're not that confident about your knowledge of Argentinian history or politics, future fic about their interpersonal relationships would be great!

+ Gunnerkrigg Court [Webcomic]

I enjoy the mythological, referential aspect of the comic and its absurd edges.

But what sets it apart are its characters and their relationships. They're well-defined and constantly evolving.

Friendship fic is great - I'd rather not get Annie/Kat -, specially if it focus on Annie's Lost Summer.

Annie has grown a lot on me - I like how unlikeable she gets sometimes, in a typically teenage way, and how those characteristics are related to her rather odd upbringing. Her friendship with Kat works very well - they get each other in a fundamental level and they compliment each other's faults.

I also like the almost parental role Rey has took in their lives. He's a very hairy older brother or crazy uncle. A fic from his POV could be really interesting.

Fic that fills in the gaps would be amazing. Annie's Lost Summer, Rey's backstory, Kat's childhood.

I'd even welcome Boxbot fic.

+ Keizoku : SPEC [Dorama, 10 episodes long]

Given that their bond is the emotional core of the series, anything focusing on that would make me happy.

Case file! Post-canon fic! Contemplative vignettes! Baby fic! High school AU! Anything!

I love the quirky, unsettling tone of this show a lot and how that spills over to the characters. They're all off-putting and weird, even if they have hidden depths. It also helps the slightly humorous tone. I really loved how I never knew whether to laugh or not at certain scenes.

So in terms of tone, a mix of angst and humour would be great.

I ship Toma/Sebumi like burning. It's understated but epic - they get each other and are not afraid of letting the other one face danger and make their own decisions.

Their relationship would be as weird as they are, so if you do write it, don't be afraid of keeping the rough edges! I can buy them as kinky sex fiends, asexual soulmates and everything in between.

+ Les Trois Mousquetaires | The Three Musketeers - Alexandre Dumas [book]

While I like all four of them, I'm really intrigued by Athos and d'Artagnan bond. d'Artagnan's hero worship of Athos borders on an infatuation and Athos' blind trust in the younger dude is... weird.

You can take it to slashy places or not, I just want some exploration of their relationship in any form. Humour, angst, anything!

I like how broken Athos is, in contrast to d'Artagnan hope and confidence. They're both entertaining assholes and Dumas doesn't really take them seriously. (But did he ever take anything seriously?)

So fic following the tone of the book - playful, ironic, a little detached - would be awesome, but so would be fic taking their issues a little more seriously. Go ahead and try to make me laugh or break my heart, I'm equally happy.

Maybe playing with literary conventions could be fun. Some choice pages of their memories or letters.

If, dear author, you decide to write slash about them, porn would be really welcomed but not required at all.
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- Write down twenty ten of your favorite pairings/threesomes/etc.
- Put your media player on shuffle. The number of the song corresponds to the number of the pairing.
- Quote a part of the song that you think has any similarity with the couple.

Read more... )


Aug. 31st, 2011 02:53 am
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I can't believe I missed the JE Hols sign ups.

And I love that one so much.
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+ First, I should link to the gifts I got in the last two exchanges.

Why? Because they were absolutely awesome, that's why.

For [Bad username or site: je_justfriends @ site], I got a fantastic Who/Arashi crossover, featuring Matsumiya friendship and Eleven. It's great and it made me laugh a lot and everybody is IC and come on, Who/JE crossover!

And for Parallels Fic I got Ryuusei no Kizuna post-canon fluff, with Yukinari, Koichi and a family party. It's really, really heartwarming and funny.

I'm extremely happy until now this exchange season. Oh, don't I love exchanges.

+ Actually, yes, yes I do. Because I'm the kind of writer that works on feedback. I have silly ideas all the time and just stating them is enough for me. I don't need to write it down.

So I write for the comments or rather, for people's reactions. I don't really get those people who write for themselves. I write for hypothetical others and exchanges are awesome because I get to have a real, tangible recipient that I can tailor my fic for. It gives me motivation to finish the damn fic.

(All of this brought to you because

A - Remix is being hard to write
B - my latest fic has gotten very few comments and that makes my inspiration leave in a huff. I kinda wish it didn't matter so much to me.)
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I liked it a lot, although I get that if you don't like Moffat, you'll hate this episode. It's Moffat at his Moffiest.

Read more... )
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+ Fandom! Excited about Who. RPing quite a bit, new characters and all - probably the only Milady de Winter/Ariake Koichi player in the whole of IJ. Slowly getting back to Arashi because I miss them a lot.

+ I've written fic and I'm writing more.

So let's link it, because I can.

First, for a rare Asian fandoms exchange:

Better to travel well (1119 words) by faviconSole_Sakuma
Fandom: Nodame Cantabile (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Chiaki Shinichi/Noda Megumi

Travelling with Nodame was always a challenge.

Haven't reposted to LJ.

And then, for Just Friends, post-apocalyptic JE AU featuring Yamapi and Jin:

Built on Sand (3648 words) by faviconSole_Sakuma
Fandom: KAT-TUN (Band), NewS (Band)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Yamashita Tomohisa, Akanishi Jin

When they were wild and young and free, Yamapi and Jin promised to travel the world together. And even if life doesn’t always work that way, Jin will do anything to get his best friend back.

Also at LJ and DW.

+ Real life! I've been to Peru - Cusco and Machu Picchu. It was a really nice trip.

The Inca ruins were not as beautiful as the Mayan ones, but I think it was easier to visualize how they lived and how that Empire worked. They seem so efficient and in-tune with their environment, really. I'm kinda thinking they were Earthbenders (or that at least we need Inca!Earthbenders in Korra).

That said, I shouldn't make 'Ride a dangerous, cheap bus' a vacation tradition. This was shorter than the Greyhound ride, but dear Lord was it dangerous.

+ I was a redhead and now I'm not but I'm dying it again as soon as I can.

+ I'm back in college! I had no first semester classes left to take, so I took that time off - except I tried to sit for exams.

Quick Argentinian university system breakdown: it's free, no need of exams. Each 'career' - like Medicine or History or Aeronautic Engineer - has a course set that you must take and there's no taking Chemistry if you're trying to be a translator.

My career - Literature - has around 30 courses that you can do at your own pace. In my particular university, you have the 'cursadas' - that is, you went and took the class - and then the final - after you've passed that class, you sit for an exam that covers the whole syllabus -. Finals can be taken... whenever you want really.

So I spent my first semester basically studying at home, but now I'm trying to finish the few classes left for me. It amused me to see most of my cohort in the same situation. I'm happy, but really rusty.

+ That said, two more finals and I can work as a teacher! It's not tons of money, but I could afford to make some of my own.

+ September is going to be rough. One final, huge chance of partials, volunteer work, planning of birthday.

+ I've managed to drag my BFF to the gym. It's an accomplishment.
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So I caved in - to RL friends, RP friends and, fuck, even my anonmeme of choice - and saw X-Men: First Class.

I'm not surprised in the least that I ship Charles/Erik, given that Magneto/Xavier has been one of my background ships forever (like Holmes/Watson or Athos/D'Artagnan).I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the movie. I liked it! For real!

There's not much to say about, besides 'I was kinda hoping for a kiss'. Because it was so framed in romantic tropes that it sorta annoyed me when it didn't go all the way even if I should know better.

Also, our only casualty is the black guy? Really? And the poor woman turns evil.

+ So now I want recs! Come on, flist, be awesome. :)

+ Randomly, I realized something about my ships. Now, while I do enjoy the occasional fix-it AU, there are some ships that I mainly enjoy for the trainwreck factor. Like, usually, in my choice of canons and fic to read I'm the fluffiest bunny that has ever fluffied. I like my ships healthy! I like my ships with a guaranteed Happily Ever After!

But there are some ships, like Doctor/Master or Remus/Sirius or Dumbledore/Grindelwald, that I enjoy for the impossibility of it all. If I'm going to be shipping something I think doesn't stand a chance, I ship like that. Totally in vain. It's prettier that way.


Jul. 19th, 2011 03:47 am
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First things first.

Yes, my childhood is over. Yesterday I went to a HP-themed party and one thing that I suddenly realized is that Harry Potter is a perfect document of my life. I mean, I skipped most movies in the cinema, but if I think about who I saw them with, it's basically my closest friends from that time.

I grew up with the books. Read the first ones when I was like 12 and the last one when I was 18. So when the movie was over and the cinema started to close - they turned off the lights on us - and it was pouring outside, I half-expected an indie song to start. And we were the last ones to leave.

Now onto the actual movie!

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Hello, people! I just wanted to let you know that [community profile] parallelsfic  [profile] parallesfic is a new rare fandom exchange and several of those fandoms are J-dramas JE boys acted in, so you might be interested!

In order to sign ip, you need an AO3 account that you can ask the mod for. Contact her at fdickson (at) ix.netcom or just leave a comment in either the LJ comm or the DW comm.

The doramas that are elligible are:

Kizarazu's Cat Eye
My Girl
Nobuta wo Produce
Ryuusei no Kizuna
Stand Up!!
Uta no Onii-san
Yamada Tarou Monogatari

Besides, there are doramas without JE boys - like Atashinchi no Danshi, Liar Game or Long Love Letter -, manga - Paradise Kiss, several CLAMP mangas, Nabari no Ou, Vassalord, Maka-Maka,  -, anime - like Kino no Tabi, Escaflowne, Utena, Puella Magica Madoka - Bollywood movies, videogames - like several from the Tales of... series, Digital Devil Saga,  - and RPS like w-inds.
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Or: 'Sole really wants to app one character and hopes to get some canonmates this way'
Or: 'I need people to sign up for Yuletide for this'


Title: Keizoku 2: SPEC

Supernatural Police Procedural

Brief Description:
'She's a taste-deficient hacker genius detective with serious social issues who carries her stuff in a suitcase, he's a former assault team commander under suspicion for a mysterious crime who always carries his stuff in a paper bug (and by 'stuff' we mean 'gun').  Together, they fight crime!'

Formulaic description: Japan!Mulder and Scully + off-beat humour + mutants = why aren't you watching this?

This is a mix of: Think of it as CSI meets Heroes meets WEIRDNESS.

Shining endorsements: This dorama made me spend half an hour trying to read kanji made out of gyoza.


Where to get it?
I'd recommend [profile] ourhour, more specifically this. Or online here.

So what is it about anyway? :

Sebumi, that's baldie up there, is the serious, hard-working commander of a SIT unit - that is, police assault team -. In the midst of a normal, regular mission, one of his team mates gets shot. The higher ups are sure it was Sebumi, Sebumi is sure that Shimura was killed by his own bullets. Given that bullets usually don't reverse course just because, nobody believes him.

But they can't prove Sebumi did it, so he just gets sorta-demoted to the Unidentified Crimes Unit. The unit is understaffed and it's clearly a dead-end position. They investigate crimes related to 'SPECs' or 'special abilities'. Cases that can't be prosecuted or even proven. The unit is composed of Chief Nonomura, a old geezer with a taste for younger women and hidden depths, and Touma Saya, our main character. Read more... )

So really, why should I watch it?

If you like weird women, men who are boiling with anger below the surface, mindfucks, quirkiness, psycho killers, mutants, Japanese pop culture references, ODDBALLNESS, mysteries, OTPs that are all about the nakama bond, slapstick THIS IS THE DORAMA FOR YOU.

PS: Oh look, it's JE Remix Cycle 7 schedule and it totally amuses me that me and Anna made such similar posts so close together.


May. 28th, 2011 12:28 am
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Give me TWO fandoms; I'll tell you about their crossover OTP.


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