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+ As Sha said, 'it's that time of the year!' and that means I'm off to Mar del Plata for volunteer work. 5,000 teenagers. 50 volunteers. 15 staff members. 15 days. THANK GOD IT'S BY TURNS. Still, 500 kids at the same time = OMG I'M GONNA DIE.

But I really enjoy it, so.

I'll be back on the 15th.

+ Due to the family issues I've been dealing with lately, I'm hopeless behind my fic schedule. But I can do it! I mean, I have a plot! That means I'll be able to finish it before deadline.

+ I'm probably and unwisely signing up for Yuletide, as well.

+ There's a bona fide Matsukame comm now. World is ending.

It's amusing how Nino/Kame and Matsukame are a combo in most people's heads. I guess people find the dynamics similar...

+ I have my Deathly Hallows ticket already! My little brother is coming for the pre-screening as well.

He's such a geeky kid. The other day he made me laugh so hard - he was using my whiteboard and then he wrote 'Patológico (logical duck)' and you may not get the joke, but it's silly as hell.

He surprised me a lot, too, because he had to do this report for school and he chose the sakura. So he reads about it and then he tells me about it and dude, he starts with 'The tradition of Hanami started in the Heian era, in the year 794 DC' and he was RIGHT. And he had read it once.

He might be lazy, but he sure as hell will be able to coast through school.

+ Dorama watching!

I'm just watching Freeter and Guilty. And SPEC, if subs were coming out.

SPEC is EPIC. Cheap Mulder and Scully, basically.

Guilty has... hobo Tamaki Hiroshi. Damn, is he hot in this one.

Freeter was quite good, but I relate so much to Nino's character I feel kinda silly. :P

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Mi hermano ve Pushing Daisies. Abrazado a su Dragoncito Feliz (hey, es mejor que "Patín"). O sea, hoy estaba mirando Pushing Daisies yo y lo vi tirado en el piso mirando todo concentrado. Comprobé que realmente estaba mirando cuando me preguntó algo que no había alcanzado a entender de los subtítulos.
Esto ya es prueba de que el chico es demasiado geek como para tener siete años pero además...
My little brother watches Pushing Daisies. Hugging his Little Happy Dragon (hey, it's better than 'Duckie'). I mean, today I was watching Pushing Daisies and I saw him laying on the floor very concentrated. He was actually watching it because he asked me about a little part of the subtitles he had missed.
This is proof enough that he's too geeky for a seven years-old but on top of it...


Apr. 4th, 2008 11:46 pm
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Today, my brother actually headdesked. As in literally hitting his head against the table because of random anger.
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Today, he laughed at a xckd strip.
Hoy, se rió de una tira de xckd.
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Today my bro, while we were watching The Simpsons (the Lucy Lawless episode):
Me: It's the Doctor!
Him: [in OMG!GEEK REFERENCE! tone] Yes, the Doctor Who!
Which amuses me, because
A) 4th Doctor, my brother has only seen Ten.
B) he was so happy there was a reference.


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