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+ Life's busy! Very busy. I'm still dealing with that and how to organize myself to get everything done.

+ Fandom-wise, I'm drowning in Steve/Tony feels. Drowning in them.

(I play Tony in a multifandom RPG and... drowning.)

+ Remix is doing its 9th Cycle. I can't believe I'm still doing that. I love my little baby. Anna and I did talk about offering our services as remix mods for other fandoms. We're total pros.

+ If I can think of a name, I still really want to run a Dead Fandoms exchange. But I can't think of that name so...

+ My RPG circle, somehow, managed to create a D&Dish guild full of OCs. In like. three days we have backstories for like 20 OCs and we're hammering out the details. I'm still amused about how my character wasn't even created by me - he just sprung to life.

+ I haven't written fic in a while - I have a great pile of fics in various state of unfinished laying around -, but I made a vid:

I'm actually really proud of it. I premiered it at the con I run with my friends and people even danced.

+ Cons! We're running another one in November, since around 400 people showed up the first time. We're also doing a party. Because we're that awesome.

+ I have pretty hair now! It's red and amazing.

Also I'm a dork.

+ OTW! So I still feel weird about addressing people publicly in my... official capacity or something. I'm considering creating a serious DW account because if I do start talking about what I do in more detail, I don't think people will want to wade through me talking about my hair.

That said, I'm in Support now. And I should do some tickets. >.> Category Change exists, seriously exists. I'm having... well, not as much of a hard time as I thought I'd have as the lead. I mean, it's still in the early stages of work and I'm still learning what I'm supposed to do, but overall, I actually feel really supported.

+ College! I'm taking classes again and it's really weird. Also god I want this to end. Some day.

+ RL Volunteering! Oooh, still so rewarding.

+ Life! Still really complicated in many ways, but I guess it'll always be.
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  • Went to Mexico. Passed some finals. Apparently got a job - a... promotion to staff in my current volunteer gig. Oncoming drama storm in my RL social circles.
  • Doing work for the OTW, as a staffer now - it's fun but challenging. Running a con again, around June. Going to run a challenge about dead fandoms around August because I can.
  • Not writing fic and behind on Arashi. Watching Korra religiously. Waiting for Who. Reading fic in a wide variety of fandoms. RPing a lot.
  • All in all, life is exhausting but hey, at least shit is happening.
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+ Fandom! Excited about Who. RPing quite a bit, new characters and all - probably the only Milady de Winter/Ariake Koichi player in the whole of IJ. Slowly getting back to Arashi because I miss them a lot.

+ I've written fic and I'm writing more.

So let's link it, because I can.

First, for a rare Asian fandoms exchange:

Better to travel well (1119 words) by faviconSole_Sakuma
Fandom: Nodame Cantabile (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Chiaki Shinichi/Noda Megumi

Travelling with Nodame was always a challenge.

Haven't reposted to LJ.

And then, for Just Friends, post-apocalyptic JE AU featuring Yamapi and Jin:

Built on Sand (3648 words) by faviconSole_Sakuma
Fandom: KAT-TUN (Band), NewS (Band)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Yamashita Tomohisa, Akanishi Jin

When they were wild and young and free, Yamapi and Jin promised to travel the world together. And even if life doesn’t always work that way, Jin will do anything to get his best friend back.

Also at LJ and DW.

+ Real life! I've been to Peru - Cusco and Machu Picchu. It was a really nice trip.

The Inca ruins were not as beautiful as the Mayan ones, but I think it was easier to visualize how they lived and how that Empire worked. They seem so efficient and in-tune with their environment, really. I'm kinda thinking they were Earthbenders (or that at least we need Inca!Earthbenders in Korra).

That said, I shouldn't make 'Ride a dangerous, cheap bus' a vacation tradition. This was shorter than the Greyhound ride, but dear Lord was it dangerous.

+ I was a redhead and now I'm not but I'm dying it again as soon as I can.

+ I'm back in college! I had no first semester classes left to take, so I took that time off - except I tried to sit for exams.

Quick Argentinian university system breakdown: it's free, no need of exams. Each 'career' - like Medicine or History or Aeronautic Engineer - has a course set that you must take and there's no taking Chemistry if you're trying to be a translator.

My career - Literature - has around 30 courses that you can do at your own pace. In my particular university, you have the 'cursadas' - that is, you went and took the class - and then the final - after you've passed that class, you sit for an exam that covers the whole syllabus -. Finals can be taken... whenever you want really.

So I spent my first semester basically studying at home, but now I'm trying to finish the few classes left for me. It amused me to see most of my cohort in the same situation. I'm happy, but really rusty.

+ That said, two more finals and I can work as a teacher! It's not tons of money, but I could afford to make some of my own.

+ September is going to be rough. One final, huge chance of partials, volunteer work, planning of birthday.

+ I've managed to drag my BFF to the gym. It's an accomplishment.
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Come on, people, go play! It's fun and it's awesome.

First things first - YULETIDE REVEALS! I totally got my writer right and I wrote a Gunnerkrigg Court fic with Borges quotes :P. Let's make use of the Share button:

The Wheel and the Serpent (1175 words) by faviconSole_Sakuma
Fandom: Gunnerkrigg Court
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Zimmy (Gunnerkrigg Court) & Gamma Czarnecki
Characters: Zimmy (Gunnerkrigg Court), Gamma Czarnecki, Antimony Carver

Zimmy has always been the Minotaur lost in her own maze, but her Theseus is kind.

And now, let's make some decisions. This year was terrible because of my own actions, so let's hope I'm better next year.

+ Manage my temper better.

+ Procastinate less.

+ Finals! Let's get rid of some of those! Rendir todos mis finales de segundo año, porque ya estoy en quinto y no da.

+ Sorta-graduate. That is, take the few classes I still have to take.

+ Sit for the JLTP N3!

+ Sit for the damn German test!

+ Lose 10 kg so that I'm at 55 kg again.

+ Write the One Piece/Arashi fusion fic that my Pirate AU has mutated into.

+ Write a fic a month, even if it's just a drabble!

+ Run Remix successfully again.

+ Go to Europe, either with the family or with the sister.


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Thank you, people, for the support. :) Now, before I have to deal with my first holiday ever without her presence - look, the clan is a clan and therefore, we are having a big New Year feast because hell, if anything, she taught us that when life is hard, you fucking stop complaining and deal with it - let's make some memes, shall we?

2010: Wasted potential
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The one with the first lines of your entries:

Read more... )

To sum up the year: certainly more interesting than the last and I... partied a lot, apparently.
It does change my view of what I did this year, strangely.

And a fic meme, for the road... damn, I only wrote exchange fic this year:

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Hey, JE fandom people, the Remix is asking you questions. Again.
And our new mod got a Colbert icon. Just because we could.

And also about JE fandom (and RPS), there was a cool discussion about what constitutes canon in RPF and I wanted to know if I missed the mark, in your humble opinions. And to ask you what do you think is canon. Do rumours count? Do we even have a canon?

Still in the JE area, OMG, I'M SO SCARED. Me and my friends are making what we thought was going to be a tiny J-music event - like a con, but much smaller and shorter -. We might be too successful, but since the point is to get money in order to throw a Akanishi themed party and that means we need all the alcohol we can get...
And then people might not get our humour, but really. That'd mean they're boring.
Real life! )

Usagi drop )

Ooku - vague spoilers - )

Y en español, porque es serio e importante. Y libresco.
La semana que viene voy a la Feria del Libro a patinar el dinero y sostener el sistema capitalista que nos oprime a todos.
Pensaba gastar la mitad en ficción - comic y ... lo de las letras - y la otra mitad en Libros Serios para Gente Seria. (Fondo de Cultura Económica, ALLA VOY.) ¡Recomienden!
Lo otro era preguntarles si sabían de alguna compilación de leyendas japonesas que esté buena, para el taller de literatura. más que nada nos vamos a centrar en el mito de la creación y en Amaterasu. ([ profile] rainmage , es tu deber como mythology geek! Y Okami geek as well.)

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- 'Social justice' amuses me when not used by peronists.

- Today, in the bus back home, the most annoying, infuriating thing happened. Apparently, some lady hadn't paid a full ticket, so the driver stopped the bus and made us wait until she got off. Which was infuriating but you know what's the kicker? I'm not even sure she still was on the bus. And then, since he was running late, he decided to skip a few stops including mine.
Asshole. And all for 80 cents.

- I HAVE AN USA VISA NOW. The America is Awesome commercial they kept looping annoyed me, though.
So, the Empire awaits!

- A reply for an old meme:

Arashi in gifs, songs, suns, Argentina and Yukari! )ys rained.
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- My friends came over to my house yesterday. I had such a great time! We spent some time at the pool, had heart-to-heart conversations, we watched the Countdown and silly Arashi stuff. Before we went to sleep, we ended up discussing Akanishi and his bad pick-up lines for like an hour. Roo even dreamt of the Jimusho.

- I watched the Countdown! It was great. Shiny yet not so shiny costumes, fanservice between people that hardly ever speak, a great amount of drunks, Johnny's from the past - my favourite part of the Countdown, since I actually like those Johnny's -. One of my favourite Countdowns.

- I also watched the Doctor Who finale. HM. HM. Can't wait to the 2010 season, though.

- JE_Hols reveals! I wrote Hello, you fool, I love you, a Kameda AU fic. Ueda is a paparazzi and Kame is a movie star and together they fight crime. Yes, really. Random appearances of most of the Jimusho, but mostly V6, KAT-TUN, Arashi and K8. Here at LJ, at DW and at the AO3.
I also uploaded my Yuletide fics to my DW/LJ fic journals.

- I'm a tag wrangler for the Archive of Our Own now! I'm really excited about it.

- The JE remix has more than 30 sign ups. I'm excited! Sign up before the 10th!
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I am, apparently, almost going to Arizona and Los Angeles (maybe Virginia, Kari! SO I WANT PIZZA!) next year. On March.
It may still change but I hope I get to go!
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You know? If they can't fix my PS2, I'm going to be so absurdly sad and mad.
/me has been reading Persona4 secrets and I want to finish P3, damn it!
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Since I'm fucking sick of 'Manga characters look white anyway!', let's do...
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God, I remembered exactly why I don't follow sports. I hadn't felt this bad since Germany '06 (in which we got robbed... at least this time was fair).
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Pequeño resumen de mi vida hasta el momento:
  • Exámenes (la razón por la cual ando tan desaparecida): aprobé Lengua II (apenas, es más, creía que iba a desaprobar), uno de los exámenes de Literatura Alemana y un 10 en Teoría Literaria sin ni siquiera haber hablado de Barthes y Bourdieu -dos de cuatro temas- (gracias a Dios, porque de Bourdieu no había entendido nada). Mukarovsky es shiny. Estudiando Latín descubrí que Cátulo sí me gusta porque cualquier tipo que logré meter sus insultos en el canon occidental merece ser respetado ... lástima que me confundí la hora del examen. Porque soy así de especial.
  • Me corté el pelo. Me compré un pantalón violeta.
Todavía no me puse al día con millones de series (la cantidad de cosas bajadas que tengo para mirar es impresionante) pero Avatar no podía esperar.
First: what I've been up to:
  • Exams (or Why I Haven't Been Around): I passed Language II (barely, I thought I hadn't), one of the German Literature tests and I got a 10 (top mark) in Literary Theory without even talking about half the topics (Barthes and Bourdie, to be specific, which was great because I didn't get Bouerdieu at all). Mukarovsky is shiny, Studying Latin i found out I actually like Catullus because any guy whose insults got into the Western canon is to be respected and liked. It's a shame I mixed up the time of the test and missed it. Because I'm that special.
  • I cut my hair. I bought purple pants.
Now, Avatar. My Things To be Watched is huge right now but... AVATAR:


Jun. 19th, 2008 08:02 pm
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... ¿Mi querido gobierno comparó a los ruralistas con los nazis?
¿De verdad?
¿Por cortar rutas y armar escraches?
¿El mismo gobierno que le dio trabajo a D'Elia, conocido como piquetero?
¿El mismo gobierno que se vanagloria de tener una espectacular política de derechos humanos?
¿Olvidan que los escraches fueron inventados por grupos de derechos humanos?
¿El mismo gobierno que no hace nada con la situación en las cárceles y en los institutos?
¿El mismo gobierno que pisa docentes?¿O los mata?
¿Por qué carajo creen que les vamos a creer?
No somos tan estúpidos, Borges carajo mierda. Sí, votamos a Menem ¡dos veces! pero ya aprendimos. Aprendimos que funciona y que podemos echarte si se nos ocurre.
Además, provocar a Duhalde es estúpido, ¿OK?
¿Estos tipos en qué mundo viven?
Leer los diarios es malo para mi salud mental.
Did my goverment compare 'ruralists' to nazis?
Because they're picketing the roads and threatening to make 'escraches'? ['Escrache' is publicly pointing at where someone who has done something wrong lives. It's mostly done to 'represores', people who killed, tortured and disappeared people during the 70's and were (and are, for the most part), walking free. It's a way of letting people know they have a monster as a neighbour.]
The same goverment that employs D'Elia, known for being... wait for it... a 'piquetero'?
The same goverment that is so proud of its great Human Rights Policy?
Do they forget 'escraches' were invented by Human Rights groups?
The same goverment that does nothing about the jail and minority institutes situation? [Basically, it's Torture For Everyone Day... Every Day! That's if you're lucky and you don't get somehow caught in a fire.]
The same goverment that runs over teachers? Or just kill them? [Nope, I'm not kidding. So Fuentealba wasn't exactly their fault but...]
Why do they think we're going to buy it?
We're not that stupid, for fuck's sake! Yeah, we voted for Menem twice. We've learned. Now we know it works. Now we know we can kick you out any day!
Also: provoking Duhalde [a very very very evil guy who's also very good at politics] is not wise.
Which world are these guys living in?
Reading the newspapers is a hazard for my mental health.
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Ayer tuve un cumpleaños y estuvo buenísimo. ¡Bailamos Johnnys! Y nos cansamos muchísimo, la verdad.
Mis viejos ya se fueron a Brasil (de vacaciones) y vuelven el martes 27. Paz y tranquilidad.
Pero ahora, Doctor Who:
Yesterday I went to a birthday party and we dance Johnnys! It was fun but I got so tired.
My parents have already left for Brazil (on holidays). They'll be back on the 27th.
And now, DOCTOR WHO:
Spoilers )
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Ayer a la noche vinieron tres amigas a ver Kimi wa Petto a casa.
¡Y qué éxito abrumador!
Sinceramente, nos encantó. Incluso a la que había venido más que nada para boludear un rato con nosotras y no tenía demasiadas esperanzas respecto al dorama se quedó absolutamente encantada.
No la terminamos (nos quedamos en el cinco) pero... mis opiniones sobre los primeros cinco episodios:
  •  Para la gente de la Mansión: otra vez me quedé colgada. Mañana respondo y me vuelvo a poner al día.
Yesterday three friends came over to my house to watch Kimi wa petto
It was a smashing success!
Honestly, we loved it. Even the one that had come over mostly to hang out and didn't have many expectations was absolutely charmed.
We didn't finish it.
Anyway, opinions:
No la terminamos (nos quedamos en el cinco) pero debo consignar mis opiniones sobre los primeros cinco episodios:


Apr. 23rd, 2008 11:45 pm
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Hoy fui de compras. Así que tengo botas nuevas y un saco precioso y adorable. Violeta. MatsuJuneaniano. (Cada vez que veo a MatsuJun en las revistas, me dan ganas de arrancarle la ropa y ponermela yo).
Summertime de NEWS está bastante buena... pero Happiness es veinte veces más adorable. Hace falta más toqueteo y más randomness.
Eso sí: NEWS siempre tiene mejor suerte que Arashi con los estilistas, por lo visto... pero menos con las coreografías. La de Taiyou no Namida es tan ridícula.
Today I went shopping and got myself new boots and an AWESOME coat. It's very Matsujun-like... each time I see a magazine featuring him, I want to rip off his clothes and wear them.
NEWS' Summertime is quite good... but not even near Happiness level of cuteness. It needs more touching and randomness.
One thing, though: NEWS has better luck with stylists... but the coreographies? Damn. Taiyou no Namida's is so ridiculous.


Apr. 18th, 2008 12:09 am
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  • Adoro Pushing Daisies.
  • Mi carrera finalmente está empezando a integrarse. Hurra por el nosotros de autor.
  • Hoy hubo otro accidente en mi calle. El atropellado dejó una marca en el techo del auto que lo pisó. Debería sorprenderme, pero vivo en la ciudad con los peores conductores del mundo así que...
  • I love Pushing Daisies.
  • My major is finally coming together.
  • There was another traffic accident in my street. The victim made a dent on the car's roof. I should be surprised, but since I live in the city with the worst drivers ever...


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