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First, horribly late meme! I'm such a lazy poster... well, person.

Day 2: What themes or patterns do you write?

Since I write silly fluff most of the time, I have no idea at all. I guess... people finding out stuff and coming to terms with it, but that's such a broad idea. I like is seeing characters thrown off their balance and then, seeing them achieve a different kind of balance.

Hm. The other pattern, I think, would be 'unlikely friends'. Or rather, people that you never thought worked well together!

Day 1: What are you responding to or inspired by when you write fanfic?✔
Day 2: What themes or patterns do you write?✔
Day 3: What character archetypes do you enjoy (or hate) writing?
Day 4: Do you feel you have a writing style?
Day 5: When do you write what kinds of fanfics?
Day 6: How do you interact with readers' responses (or lack thereof)?
Day 7: Once it's posted, how do you interact with your story?

+ Regarding this awfully ridiculous chart, have first a fixed version that [personal profile] salinea  linked to and then a meme I stole from [personal profile] countlessuntruths:

GIVE ME A CHARACTER WHO IDENTIFIES AS FEMALE. Then I will write you the reasons why the lady is awesomer than awesome. It might be my squealing, it might be a drabble, it might be five reasons. The point is, I will gush about a female character, then YOU can gush about said female character and we will all be a little bit happier because 'FUCK YEAH, SHE'S AWESOME'.

+ Also: Yuletide fandom nominations are open! Yuletide is a small fandoms exchange and there are tons of dorama and manga fandoms nominated so go check it out!

I nominated Natsuniji and Mafalda, so, flist, you're my only hope!

+ ... I should stop doing exchanges.

Oh, fandom

Aug. 21st, 2010 01:39 am
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... Why do I read JE secrets? WHY?

So, basically, a lot of old Arashi fans don't like Arashi's new image - which I don't think is that much different, really, they're just older and come on, people, they can't be dorky teenagers anymore and they're still a little too young to be dorky old guys like TOKIO who don't give a damn about anything.

And yes, Sakurai goes overboard with the faily!act but then, at the beginning, he went overboard with the tought!act and hey, at least he's not being a poser now. And I like Jun a lot better now, actually so. And I don't see that big of a change in the rest of them.

But, to cut the rambling, sometimes you move on. Most fans go from one fandom to another. It happens.

CLAMP was my first fandom but to be honest, I should have left long before I did. I started hating them and you know what I did? I mocked them with ABBA and then just dropped them.
I survived, so if you dislike ARashi now... go to K-pop! Or to the BBC Sherlock! Just... stop talking about realness when they're idols. If we believe their interviews, they have way more control now than they did then. Maybe this is what they want.

So I never thought I'd become one of the people that said STOP HARSHING MY SQUEE, but I am now. Girls, if they bore you now, leave. To use the old fannish metaphor, Arashi now is your high school boyfriend who is now in his late 20's. He's not as fun anymore, he's trying too hard to be an adult and your parents may love them, but you've changed. So have they! It happens.

Move on before they're the boyfriend that stole your notebook and forgot to pay rent and became unrecognizable - hello there, CLAMP.

Move on. It's better for the one of us that are still into them.

DISCLAIMER: I never move on from fandoms, not really, so I never quite understand most fans. XD
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Well, Arashi's really.

Yes, the boys are working hard. They're working a lot. Their singles rate is getting kinda ridiculous.

But GANTZ isn't slated for release next year and Ooku will premiere in October. That means, that the two singles are months away. They have their album release and yes, the Natsuniji song so...

So this year we have had Troublemaker, Monster, To be free, Natsuniji and probably the Ooku song. That's five singles. Which is not that far away from their normal singles schedule. And yes, one album. They release one of those - or a compilation - every year around this time.

They're not idiots. They know this popularity will either end or turn them into SMAP. If they want to take their chances and earn as much money as they can while it lasts, let them- They're adults. They're not teenagers any more.

And come on! IDOLS ARE NOT ARTISTS, not by design at least. Stop bringing music or artistic integrity to this fandom. They are marketing. One hundred percent gimmick. Do I think Nino is a talented actor? Yes. I also realize that's not his focus. Do I believe he could be a kickass songwriter? Yep. But, again, JOHNNY'S. That's not the point. They sell dream versions of themselves and the music is just an excuse. Live with it or go to the Pink Floyd fandom.


Dec. 7th, 2008 09:33 pm
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Depressing ending =/= realistic ending.
Happy ending =/= unrealistic ending.
The concept of an 'ending' = unrealistic. Because, you know, we are not fictional. (Or so I like to believe).
Depressing =/= deep.
Happy =/= escapist.
Dark and gritty =/= adult.
Colourful and fun =/= childish.
Being depressed =/= being an adult.
Also: real =/= realistic. It's always a story. A story. It's fictional. It works by its own rules. Killing all the main characters at the end doesn't make it better than Kobato, OK?


Jun. 19th, 2008 08:02 pm
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... ¿Mi querido gobierno comparó a los ruralistas con los nazis?
¿De verdad?
¿Por cortar rutas y armar escraches?
¿El mismo gobierno que le dio trabajo a D'Elia, conocido como piquetero?
¿El mismo gobierno que se vanagloria de tener una espectacular política de derechos humanos?
¿Olvidan que los escraches fueron inventados por grupos de derechos humanos?
¿El mismo gobierno que no hace nada con la situación en las cárceles y en los institutos?
¿El mismo gobierno que pisa docentes?¿O los mata?
¿Por qué carajo creen que les vamos a creer?
No somos tan estúpidos, Borges carajo mierda. Sí, votamos a Menem ¡dos veces! pero ya aprendimos. Aprendimos que funciona y que podemos echarte si se nos ocurre.
Además, provocar a Duhalde es estúpido, ¿OK?
¿Estos tipos en qué mundo viven?
Leer los diarios es malo para mi salud mental.
Did my goverment compare 'ruralists' to nazis?
Because they're picketing the roads and threatening to make 'escraches'? ['Escrache' is publicly pointing at where someone who has done something wrong lives. It's mostly done to 'represores', people who killed, tortured and disappeared people during the 70's and were (and are, for the most part), walking free. It's a way of letting people know they have a monster as a neighbour.]
The same goverment that employs D'Elia, known for being... wait for it... a 'piquetero'?
The same goverment that is so proud of its great Human Rights Policy?
Do they forget 'escraches' were invented by Human Rights groups?
The same goverment that does nothing about the jail and minority institutes situation? [Basically, it's Torture For Everyone Day... Every Day! That's if you're lucky and you don't get somehow caught in a fire.]
The same goverment that runs over teachers? Or just kill them? [Nope, I'm not kidding. So Fuentealba wasn't exactly their fault but...]
Why do they think we're going to buy it?
We're not that stupid, for fuck's sake! Yeah, we voted for Menem twice. We've learned. Now we know it works. Now we know we can kick you out any day!
Also: provoking Duhalde [a very very very evil guy who's also very good at politics] is not wise.
Which world are these guys living in?
Reading the newspapers is a hazard for my mental health.
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Dios, estás empezando a hacer que Duhalde se vea como una mejor opción y eso nunca es bueno. Será un hijo de puta, pero al menos tiene cerebro mientras  que vos, acompañada de tu manga de tarados, lo único que están haciendo es adelantar la crisis nuestra de cada década.
Diez años de relativa calma pido, nada más...
God, you're making Duhalde look like a better option and that's never good. He might be a son of a bitch, but at least he has a brain. You and your entourage of idiots, instead, are just speeding up the criss that hits Argentina every ten years.
Just ten years of relative peace, damn it.
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You take yourselves too damn seriously.
You're not that hot anyway.
PD: What? After reading hard stuff all day, I de-stress by watching pretty/cheesy Japanese 'boys' singing catchy songs. And KAT-TUN? Not pretty, not catchy, not cheesy.
PD2: This is all for the lulz. Not actual hostility.
Se toman demasiado en serio, muchachos. Y ni siquiera están tan buenos.
PD: ¿Qué? Necesito descansar el cerebro después de tanto Griego y mirar a japoneses lindos/ridículos cantando canciones pegadizas es una manera tan buena como cualquier otra. ¿Y KAT-TUN? Ni lindos ni pegadizos. Y tampoco ridículos, al menos no concientemente.
PD2: Todo es por the lulz, nada demasiado importante.
PD3: Tap-flamenco. TAP-FLAMENCO.


Feb. 11th, 2008 05:14 pm
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'well, I understand that, but when I looked at the site that this supposed calculator was on, something seemed wrong.

First, Ninboy (I think that was his handle) lived somewhere in South America. I looked up his IP address.

Then, there was the fact that the site hosting the calculator was only an IP address, instead of something like a domain name. That was the red flag for me.

It looked suspicious to me from the beginning, and I had no part in this plot, after going through Altador, I'm probably never going to bother.

Not only that, but even if TNT said the star mapper was okay, you're STILL taking a chance by using an off-site link, so I don't know, the principle still remains the same.'

Fuck, I've started wank. But come on,
First, Ninboy (I think that was his handle) lived somewhere in South America. I looked up his IP address.
What the fuck? Am I 'something wrong'?
ETA: The context is mass-freezing in Neopets. The 'calculator' was an off-site program that helped you solve a certain puzzle. Many people used it, because a different off-site program was used with a previous puzzle and TNT (The Neopets Team) never ever said anything about it (and it's quite obvious they knew).
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Queridos especialistas en los Clásicos en su conjunto:
Socrátes, lamentablemente, no va a coger con ustedes. No, el trabajo duro no va a servir de nada. (A menos que sean el Doctor, pero lo dudo).
O: Por favor, los griegos fueron brillantes y nos influencian incluso hoy pero... A China y a la India no les importan demasiado. Tienen sus propios filósofos y sus propias épicas. El sánscrito existe y es tan importante como el latín o el griego. No que a ustedes les importe.
Los mayas "descubrieron" el arco y las matemáticas solitos. Y la astronomía. [Esto es porque mi profesor de Filosofía de 2do año me dijo que los griegos habían "soltado a la matemática en el mundo" y me negó que los mayas/chinos/egipcios hubieran descubierto las cosas antes. Creo que les enseñaron los romanos. Usaron el/la Tardis. Y a Yuuko.]
Ah, ¿y la Alhambra? Treinta veces más linda que el Partenón.
ETA: ¿Alguien podría hacerme un iconito de Sócrates diciendo "¡KAWABONGA!" en pseudo alfabeto griego?
Dear whole Classics scholars collective:
Socrates won't fuck you no matter how hard you try (unless you're the Doctor... but I doubt it).
Or: Please, the Greeks were brilliant, I admit it. They influence us even now. But guess what? China, India? They don't give a damn about them. They have their very own philosophers and epics. Sanscrit does exist and happens to be as important as Latin or Greek. Not that you care about it.
The Mayans came up with the arch on their own. And maths too. And astronomy. [OK, this last bit is because once, my Philosophy Professor denied that. I think the Romans somehow taught them. They used the Tardis. And Yuuko.]
And the Alhambra PWNS the Parthenon, sorry.
ETA: oh, could someone please make me a little icon of Socrates saying "¡KAWABONGA!" in pseudo greek alphabet?
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Ni voy a hablar de los spoilers que algún estúpido puso en [profile] avatar_slash sin una puta advertencia.
Pero debo preguntar: ¿por qué bajarte un episodio 'leakeado'/rippeado del DVD es más ilegal que bajarte uno que ya salió al aire y no fue rippeado de un DVD?
Dejáme decirte, querido fandom de Avatar, que si Viacom decide acabar con los piratas, no van a pensar "Qué educado, esperó a que saliera por la tele.¡No lo jodamos a él!".
Bajarte cosas, sin pagar/de páginas no oficiales= piratería. En serio.
Leaving aside the lovely spoilers someone has posted at [profile] avatar_slash with not a lonely lj-cut, I must ask: why is dowloading the leaked episodes/DVD rip-offs MORE illegal than downloading the aired ones?
Let me tell you: if Viacom decided to sue, they wouldn't take 'BUT I WAITED FOR THE AIRDATE/I TOTALLY WATCHED IT ON TV LATER!!' as an excuse.
Downloading something from unofficial sites=piracy. Really.
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Esta semana, se estrenan los primeros diez episodios de la tercera temporada de Avatar en el Reino Unido. Antes que en USA. Y esperemos que los torrents aparezcan rápido.
¿Y? )

So, the UK gets half the third season before USA.Hope they upload it quickly.
¿AND? )
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Simplemente otra despotricada. Tendría que dejar de hacer esto pero el fandom me obliga. Es su culpa.
Dudo que se hayan enterado de uno de los últimos escándalos en FW: aca les paso el link. Mi problema con eso es el de muchos: si bien la OP estaba siendo bastante estúpida, muchos comentarios se pasaron de la raya y mostraron todo lo que odio de FW. [community profile] metafandom  ya está expandiendo la epidemia.
Ahora bien, hay cosas que me joden pero que son, en su mayoría, pelotudeces (digamos, que nadie nunca piense en la contraestacionalidad o que, en una vieja wank sobre Pterry, nadie hubiera notado que sí hubo revoluciones en un 25 de mayo o que, en los friending memes, los yanquis listen sus ciudades/estados y el resto... nuestros países). Hay otras que no lo son tanto (por ejemplo, me molesta que, en encuestas supuestamente hechas para todo el fandom, de pronto aparezca "Latino" como raza). Lo confieso: una de las razones por las cuales esto sigue estando en español es porque me recontra re molesta tener que "ocultar", en algún punto, mi identidad para poder asimilarme.
Sin embargo, estoy acostumbrada a ser la minoría y tengo que bancármela. No puedo andar esperando que todos sepamos todo sobre el trasfondo cultural de todos. Es estúpido.
Pero me gustaría que, al menos, se reconociera que tenemos culturas diferentes.
Just another rant, regarding fandom_wank latest meltdown. A quite stupid OP and several quite offensive comments (or, better yet, a terrible attitude). [community profile] metafandomNow, a lot of minority-related things bother me in fandom but most of them are, well, pet peeves (nobody ever takes counter-stacionality into account, for example). Some are a little more serious (for example, certain 'pan-fandom' polls that list 'Latino' as a race). I confess it: the reason my LJ is in Spanish is because I'm utterly pissed off by having to somehow 'pass' to be 'assimilated'.
However, I'm a minority and I have to stand it. I can't expect people to know everybody's cultural background. It's stupid.
But I would like it if, at least, we could admit those different cultural backgrounds exis


Sep. 11th, 2007 06:10 pm
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Fuck you. Really.
PD: Make him snap out of it, please.
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Se sacaron 0 en marketing. De una press release: 'The fluidity of the site makes FanLib easy to use, and brings in a great way for communities to sprout around pop culture, and become more involved with their favorite storylines at a very deep level.'... porque eso es NUEVO y NOVEDOSO y NO PASA.
Dos renglones abajo dice que quieren capitalizar las comunidades existentes.
Es oficial: quieren a la gente no-fan. Nosotros no importamos. Y me jode no importar.
They flunked Marketing 101. From a press release: 'The fluidity of the site makes FanLib easy to use, and brings in a great way for communities to sprout around pop culture, and become more involved with their favorite storylines at a very deep level.'... because that's has NEVER happened.
Then they say ' This is one niche site that has a lot of support and will do well capitalizing on existing communities ...'
It's official: they're aiming at the mainstream non-fannish people. We don't matter. And not mattering makes me cranky.

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Últimamente, me interesa bastante el slash fandom, las rants, todo eso. Y una de las cosas de las que más se quejan es la feminización de los personajes. Acepto que tienen razón en muchas cosas (el mpreg es evidentemente evidencia de alguien q es incapaz de ver a dos HOMBRES juntos), pero... creo ver cierta confusión respecto a lo femenino. No tanto eso, pero...
Llorar no es femenino. Hay mujeres que lloran muchisímo, otras que no lloramos nada. O, mejor dicho, las personas en general no lloran mucho. Y menos en público. Y no por tristeza o inseguridad, la mayoría de las veces que he visto llorar fue por enojo, impotencia, furia. Ante una profesora que abusa de su posición o una que corrige mal o te manda a diciembre. Impotencia. Es más normal que una persona llore después de una discusión que lo haga, no sé, porque se levantó a la mañana y decidió que sería divertido (y he leído eso.) Si uno llora por tristeza, es una tristeza muy grande. En realidad, es una manera de liberar stress. Eso, por un lado. Por otro, llorar es femenino porque nos lo permiten. Imaginense a un tipo llorando en una peli romántica, una se reiría. Pero eso no significa que no QUIERAN llorar, punto que las que dicen que los hombres no lloran olvidan tanto como las que escriben esas historias taaaan lacrimogenas olvidan el hecho de que un hombre promedio no lloraría tanto o que no lloraría por las cosas que lo hacen llorar.
El tercer ángulo para acercarse a este temita es... el de la técnica narrativa. Llorar es, de lejos, la manera más fácil de demostrar que un personaje está alterado. No importa si estamos hablando de Rambo o de Blancanieves. El detalle es que Rambo lo demostraría de otra manera.
Bien, otra cosa que dicen es OOC es el detalle de los apodos cariñosos. Que yo me acuerde, muchos novios les dicen a sus novias pavadas tremendas... no creo que cambie con un novio.
Eso por ahora.


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