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You know, in certain critical responses to Cereta's post that point out that men do not, in fact, rape women all the time there's this... attitude that really pisses me off.
Just like men don't need pats on their back for not raping women, women that are not scared do not need a pat on their backs either.
Whether or not you agree with cereta's point (and I'm not sure the post is without problems myself)*, saying 'But they're scared! That's so silly! And paranoid!' is quite assholish, you know?
Because I am not that scared, actually. I walk alone at parks at night. I take the bus at ungodly hours. I show off my cleavage all the time.
But any time I do any of that stuff, my friends and relatives, male and female alike, say 'Hey, that's dangerous! You could get raped!' and even if you disagree with the fear being any real or that real, the fear exists. Even if you (and I!) think people are just being paranoid, widespread paranoid fear usually has its basis.
So just dismissing it out of hand, for me, doesn't work either.

* For example, [personal profile] shewhohashope makes a good point about rape and other forms of oppresion.


May. 21st, 2009 05:42 pm
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Is academia really that crazy about the Author is dead as many fandom discussions about Lit Theory seem to imply it is? Because really, in my particular experience, it's more about 'You can, actually, tell the motherfucker to fuck off... or you may not. It could go either way! But please remember the context! PLEASE!'. It's more about ignoring the biography, if you want to, in order to go to greener pastures, if they look greener to you.
And the whole 'IT'S ALWAYS ONE PARADIGM!' sounds weird. My faculty's position seems to be 'Uh, choose whatever one looks better to you. It's a goddamn free buffet.' Really. It's patchwork of the concepts that work with your particular text. Unless, of course, you're more about the theory that about the text and in that case, you're a bad critic. Maybe these people have seen way too many bad critics...

Also: Mukaravosky* has, in fact, enhanced my reading and fandom experience. SO THERE!

* Name chosen randomly, just because the guy helped me get a 10... That's an A.


AND I MET [ profile] mon_starling
PS2: BTW, still have two codes for DW.
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Honoring KAT-TUN fans hermeneutic efforts regarding 1582*, I shall prove it's not about that, oh no. IT'S ABOUT MATSUKAME! Obviously.

Let's list some Matsujun's solos and some Kame ones.

This is why I go to college )


*I think it's about Jesus in Purgatory. And I could PROVE that... but Matsukame is waaaaaay more important.
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Since I'm fucking sick of 'Manga characters look white anyway!', let's do...
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¡SOS ESPECTACULAR, [profile] telrunya!
Hm, gracias por recomendarme After School Nightmare. La bajé hace bastante y recién hoy la leí. Ahora quiero leer el volumen 6 desesperadamente. O sea, encontré hasta el 5 en inglés y veo que del 7 al 10 están los raws... ¿y el 6 dónde estará? XP
Me encantó, la verdad.
YOU'RE AWESOME, [profile] telrunya!
Thanks for the After School Nightmare rec. XP
I really really loved it and now I desperately want Vol 6. (I mean, I have up until Vol 5 in English and I see 7-10 are raws, but where's 6?)
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Seguía persiguiéndome con el poncho de Nino en el último PV de Arashi y entonces... entonces decidí bajar la versión Tacky de A.RA.SHI.
Y ahora adoro el poncho, porque los pantalones transparentes no son exactamente de buen gusto.
Y eso me hizo preguntarme porqué carajo los videos de Arashi son tan volados. Gente tirando cosas, jugando al Monopoly, agua poco sexy, oficinistas con pistolas de agua, flores, gente cantando en la ducha, peinados delirantes, marionetas y este está... hecho por alguien fumado. Y no me puedo olvidar de Bailando Sobre el Arcoiris
Bah, la respuesta es muy fácik: son la boyband más volada de la historia.
¿Y saben qué? Me encanta el pelo largo de Nino. Todavía no me encanta el poncho traumante.
¿Y quién fue el peluquero de Wish (PV)?¿Un desquiciado?
So... I was boggling at Nino's random poncho in the latest Arashi PV and then... then I download the Tacky Version of A.RA.SHI.
And really? I'm loving the poncho.
Because see-through pants are NOT cool.
And that got me to wonder why the fuck Arashi's videos are so damn random. Throwing stuff, playing Monopoly, non-sexy water, office workers with water guns, flowers, shower singing, crazy hair, puppets and this one is actually on acid. Oh, and I can't forget 'Dancing Over The Rainbow'.
OK, the answer is very easy: they're the randomest boyband ever.
And you know what? I love Nino's long hair. Still not crazy about the poncho.
And who did the hair in Wish (PV)? A madman?


May. 19th, 2007 04:25 pm
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¡Está la lista de seiyuus para la nueva peli de Rose of Versailles!¡Y son grossoooooooooooooooooooos!¡Soy felizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Para los interesados, la lista.
The new Berusaiyu's movie cast is out! And they're gooooooooooooooooood! I'm happyyyyyyyyy!
For the interested, the cast.
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Se me ha perdido un fandom. El que está en español, para ser más clara. No tengo ni la más remota idea de dónde está y no puedo encontrarlo en LJ; no puedo encontrarlo en Y! GRupos. O sea, no sé donde están los fics, dónde está el fanart, donde está el meta.
Como apenas y lurkeo en el fandom en English, ya no tengo una "red", ya no participo en el fandom, a pesar de que quiero hacerlo.
Por otro lado, necesito un beta, o más bien un editor. En este momento, estoy terriblemente insatisfecha con lo que escribo ya que, a medida que gano conocimiento "técnico", más obvios se hacen los defectos de lo que escribo.
Sé que hay un problema con la prosa/narración, la caracterización tiene más agujeros que un queso Gruyere y la trama va de "poco creíble" a "nivel Scooby Doo y la Maldición de Cleopatra". Entonces, quiero a alguien que me diga dónde están los problemas y cómo hacer para arreglarnos porque yo carezco de la habilidad para reconocer qué carajo anda mal.
La verdad, no puedo entender a los Anne Rice del mundo.
Por otro lado, no entiendo porqué la gente usa "translúcida" para describir la piel. Me imagino un tipo con los orgános a la vista y eso no es exactamente lindo.
Now in English, because I feel like it.
I don't know where the fuck the Spanish fandom has gone. I only recall one slash archive and... nothing more. I can't find in LJ, can't find it in Y!Groups... really, I wonder where the fuck is the meta, where the fuck are the fics.
Besides, since I'm mostly a lurker in English-speaking fandom, I've lost my fannish network, I'm not involved in fandom anymore despite wanting to.
In other news, I can't understand Anne Rice. Because I need an editor, someone able to point the troubles I feel my writing has. I mean, there's something wrong with the prose/narration, the characterization is less than satisfactory, the plot is unbelievable at its best. I lack the ability to actually realize what those troubles are and fix them. Meanwhile, I'm not exactly pleased with my stories, but I have no choice but keep on writing.
Why do people user "translucent" to describe skin? Do they realize it means 'lets the light pass'?
¿Firmar o no firmar? Esa es la cuestión.
To sign or not to sign, that's the question.


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