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The Argentinian Senate legalized gay marriage.

The Argentinian Senate legalized gay marriage.

Basically, the law has changed and the new definition doesn't specify 'a man and a woman' so IT'S THE SAME RIGHTS AND THE SAME NAME.


I can't believe it, people. I DIDN'T THINK IT'D BE IN MY LIFETIME!

Ilye, kill me if you want but I had to use the fanart: HAD TO. If only because I think that, for many people, the words 'Hey, at least we were the first in Latin America!' are going to be a consolation prize.

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You know, in certain critical responses to Cereta's post that point out that men do not, in fact, rape women all the time there's this... attitude that really pisses me off.
Just like men don't need pats on their back for not raping women, women that are not scared do not need a pat on their backs either.
Whether or not you agree with cereta's point (and I'm not sure the post is without problems myself)*, saying 'But they're scared! That's so silly! And paranoid!' is quite assholish, you know?
Because I am not that scared, actually. I walk alone at parks at night. I take the bus at ungodly hours. I show off my cleavage all the time.
But any time I do any of that stuff, my friends and relatives, male and female alike, say 'Hey, that's dangerous! You could get raped!' and even if you disagree with the fear being any real or that real, the fear exists. Even if you (and I!) think people are just being paranoid, widespread paranoid fear usually has its basis.
So just dismissing it out of hand, for me, doesn't work either.

* For example, [personal profile] shewhohashope makes a good point about rape and other forms of oppresion.

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My country is a young country. Not even 200 years but we have gone through a lot.
We do not have 'myths'. Sometimes, we go as far as to say we have no culture, we are just some bastard copy of Europe that can't even claim pre-Columbian America as its own because we killed them all.
Borges said once that since we lacked a real tradition, we could pillage and steal and create one.
But we have our myths. Fresh, new myths.
But that doesn't help us. Because they are not ours. Not anymore.
One of them is not a musical.
The other one is not a T-shirt.
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Since I'm fucking sick of 'Manga characters look white anyway!', let's do...
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So you can attack capitalism because non-capitalist countries are poor (your remark about people living on 2 dollars a day), but it's okay that marxism doesn't help people outside of its own borders? Worldwide capitalism would benefit those poor people in third world countries too. That's why i give to Kiva.

... Does this person honestly think the Third World is not capitalist?
Also: watching trotskos and anarcos fighting on the Internet is almost as fun as watching do the exact same thing in Real Life. Specially because new converts sound always the same. As my friend once put it: 'Oh My God! He has eaten a Trotsky!'.

Marx was definitely right that capitalism ultimately doesn't work. That's why no countries try to use pure capitalism anymore. The question of whether modified-capitalism can work out in the long run is a much more complicated one.

So many feudal countries these days, aren't they?

It isn't that they are forced to work for you, it is that (the majority of them) they have to work for someone else. The proletariat class is the class of people who own nothing but themselves;

This is, increasingly, a minority in society. Anyone who has a savings account or retirement fund is... in a sense... an 'owner'.

Oh, fuck you and the horse you rode on. American person, I shall introduce you to someone: it's called 'world'. Yeah, I was surprised too.
Also: American politics scare the hell out of me.

Mexicans often go to great lengths so they can be "exploited" in US factories (dodging boarder guards, forging paperwork, etc.). You should ask them if they feel particularly bad about their position.

I want it to work six days in a south-of-the-border factory. Pretty please?

Again this atavistic devotion to the idea of a 'class divide'

So me and Paris Hilton are in the same class. Right.


Jun. 19th, 2008 08:02 pm
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... ¿Mi querido gobierno comparó a los ruralistas con los nazis?
¿De verdad?
¿Por cortar rutas y armar escraches?
¿El mismo gobierno que le dio trabajo a D'Elia, conocido como piquetero?
¿El mismo gobierno que se vanagloria de tener una espectacular política de derechos humanos?
¿Olvidan que los escraches fueron inventados por grupos de derechos humanos?
¿El mismo gobierno que no hace nada con la situación en las cárceles y en los institutos?
¿El mismo gobierno que pisa docentes?¿O los mata?
¿Por qué carajo creen que les vamos a creer?
No somos tan estúpidos, Borges carajo mierda. Sí, votamos a Menem ¡dos veces! pero ya aprendimos. Aprendimos que funciona y que podemos echarte si se nos ocurre.
Además, provocar a Duhalde es estúpido, ¿OK?
¿Estos tipos en qué mundo viven?
Leer los diarios es malo para mi salud mental.
Did my goverment compare 'ruralists' to nazis?
Because they're picketing the roads and threatening to make 'escraches'? ['Escrache' is publicly pointing at where someone who has done something wrong lives. It's mostly done to 'represores', people who killed, tortured and disappeared people during the 70's and were (and are, for the most part), walking free. It's a way of letting people know they have a monster as a neighbour.]
The same goverment that employs D'Elia, known for being... wait for it... a 'piquetero'?
The same goverment that is so proud of its great Human Rights Policy?
Do they forget 'escraches' were invented by Human Rights groups?
The same goverment that does nothing about the jail and minority institutes situation? [Basically, it's Torture For Everyone Day... Every Day! That's if you're lucky and you don't get somehow caught in a fire.]
The same goverment that runs over teachers? Or just kill them? [Nope, I'm not kidding. So Fuentealba wasn't exactly their fault but...]
Why do they think we're going to buy it?
We're not that stupid, for fuck's sake! Yeah, we voted for Menem twice. We've learned. Now we know it works. Now we know we can kick you out any day!
Also: provoking Duhalde [a very very very evil guy who's also very good at politics] is not wise.
Which world are these guys living in?
Reading the newspapers is a hazard for my mental health.
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Dios, estás empezando a hacer que Duhalde se vea como una mejor opción y eso nunca es bueno. Será un hijo de puta, pero al menos tiene cerebro mientras  que vos, acompañada de tu manga de tarados, lo único que están haciendo es adelantar la crisis nuestra de cada década.
Diez años de relativa calma pido, nada más...
God, you're making Duhalde look like a better option and that's never good. He might be a son of a bitch, but at least he has a brain. You and your entourage of idiots, instead, are just speeding up the criss that hits Argentina every ten years.
Just ten years of relative peace, damn it.


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