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Or: 'Sole really wants to app one character and hopes to get some canonmates this way'
Or: 'I need people to sign up for Yuletide for this'


Title: Keizoku 2: SPEC

Supernatural Police Procedural

Brief Description:
'She's a taste-deficient hacker genius detective with serious social issues who carries her stuff in a suitcase, he's a former assault team commander under suspicion for a mysterious crime who always carries his stuff in a paper bug (and by 'stuff' we mean 'gun').  Together, they fight crime!'

Formulaic description: Japan!Mulder and Scully + off-beat humour + mutants = why aren't you watching this?

This is a mix of: Think of it as CSI meets Heroes meets WEIRDNESS.

Shining endorsements: This dorama made me spend half an hour trying to read kanji made out of gyoza.


Where to get it?
I'd recommend [profile] ourhour, more specifically this. Or online here.

So what is it about anyway? :

Sebumi, that's baldie up there, is the serious, hard-working commander of a SIT unit - that is, police assault team -. In the midst of a normal, regular mission, one of his team mates gets shot. The higher ups are sure it was Sebumi, Sebumi is sure that Shimura was killed by his own bullets. Given that bullets usually don't reverse course just because, nobody believes him.

But they can't prove Sebumi did it, so he just gets sorta-demoted to the Unidentified Crimes Unit. The unit is understaffed and it's clearly a dead-end position. They investigate crimes related to 'SPECs' or 'special abilities'. Cases that can't be prosecuted or even proven. The unit is composed of Chief Nonomura, a old geezer with a taste for younger women and hidden depths, and Touma Saya, our main character. Read more... )

So really, why should I watch it?

If you like weird women, men who are boiling with anger below the surface, mindfucks, quirkiness, psycho killers, mutants, Japanese pop culture references, ODDBALLNESS, mysteries, OTPs that are all about the nakama bond, slapstick THIS IS THE DORAMA FOR YOU.

PS: Oh look, it's JE Remix Cycle 7 schedule and it totally amuses me that me and Anna made such similar posts so close together.
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First, horribly late meme! I'm such a lazy poster... well, person.

Day 2: What themes or patterns do you write?

Since I write silly fluff most of the time, I have no idea at all. I guess... people finding out stuff and coming to terms with it, but that's such a broad idea. I like is seeing characters thrown off their balance and then, seeing them achieve a different kind of balance.

Hm. The other pattern, I think, would be 'unlikely friends'. Or rather, people that you never thought worked well together!

Day 1: What are you responding to or inspired by when you write fanfic?✔
Day 2: What themes or patterns do you write?✔
Day 3: What character archetypes do you enjoy (or hate) writing?
Day 4: Do you feel you have a writing style?
Day 5: When do you write what kinds of fanfics?
Day 6: How do you interact with readers' responses (or lack thereof)?
Day 7: Once it's posted, how do you interact with your story?

+ Regarding this awfully ridiculous chart, have first a fixed version that [personal profile] salinea  linked to and then a meme I stole from [personal profile] countlessuntruths:

GIVE ME A CHARACTER WHO IDENTIFIES AS FEMALE. Then I will write you the reasons why the lady is awesomer than awesome. It might be my squealing, it might be a drabble, it might be five reasons. The point is, I will gush about a female character, then YOU can gush about said female character and we will all be a little bit happier because 'FUCK YEAH, SHE'S AWESOME'.

+ Also: Yuletide fandom nominations are open! Yuletide is a small fandoms exchange and there are tons of dorama and manga fandoms nominated so go check it out!

I nominated Natsuniji and Mafalda, so, flist, you're my only hope!

+ ... I should stop doing exchanges.
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Today I forgot a midterm. JE event still going strong. Paper due today done and delivered. I BOUGHT MYSELF A WHITEBOARD.

Just some very quick OMG squeeing:

It's an honest to God Matsukame fanvideo. I can't even begin to think of the amount of work involved. Seriously.

And definite proof they're the same person.


I also got my assignment for the justfriends JE fest. I'm already getting ideas :)
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Hablando con Fu sobre cuentos infantiles y acordándome de un post de Lau sobre Hot Fuzz, he decidido pimpear cosas argentinas porque soy una heroína de la Patria.

Así que, sin más preámbulos:

Telenovelas eran las de ante )

Comedia )Los Simuladores porque hay clich�s que no fallan )BUDDY COP MOVIE! )
Pel�cula c�mica )- Las otras:

Series varias )

Pero bien. Terminé. Espero que les dén una oportunidad.
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Note: I'll eventually translate this into English.
Porque lo prometido es deuda...

Primero: Johnny Entertainment, también conocida como "Johnny Jimusho", es una fábrica de sparkly boybands/agencia de talento japonesa. Arashi es una de las tantas unidades de idols que trabajan en ella. Como son idols, son actores/cantantes/modelos/bailarines/conductores de TV/conductores de radio/etc. En el caso particular de Arashi, tenemos incluso a un economista.

ro que les haya gustado y hayan hecho click.

Fic nuevo

Sep. 9th, 2007 06:29 pm
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Terminé el Touya/Yue que había mencionado antes.
De título le puse "Dudas Domingueras sobre la Dignidad del Durmiente".
¿Saben? Mis títulos o son la cosa más simple y directa que hay o son una pavada total.


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