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So if Jun is a britaboo who likes sparkles and silliness and drama and melodrama, he's totally into Doctor Who.

And Arashi watches it with him.

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So, you see, the other day I missed a bus and got stuck for one hour.

I had completely forgot that I had spent the whole time casting Johnnys as Austen characters, but bubbly made me remember!

Matsukame = P&P )

So ... Persuasion = angsty Sakumoto (OMG YOU WERE TOO YOUNG AND NOW I'M OLD :().

And Emma should be Tegoshi with a really old senpai.

S&S. Hm. No idea there.

And Northanger Abbey = dorama parody!
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You know, my music taste is so not dependent on my social circles. I like indie and pop and my friends? Heavy metal fans. Also - the sitcoms writer that dictate my life have a hard time coming up with new characters.

And Thundercats is loltastic, but my cousin used to talk about me as the one that had the Thundercats backpack (There are 20 of us and our friends are supposed to know all the names, but they tend to refuse.)

Tokimeki Memorial is way more addictive it should be. So is FFTA2 and fuck, The Sims crawled its way into my life again.

So I decided to make an entry, mostly because I kinda wanted to and I realized there's not much to say. My life got a little off track last semester and German is coming along well and so is studying for my finals. I'll try to do better this year.

Fic writing, however, continues to be hard. remix is killing me and I still have to apologize for the Big Bang debacle and... at least I got back to modding remix. Having a comod saves you sometimes.

In order to cut back a little bit on the I CAN'T DO ANYTHING vibe my mind is lulling me into, let's do a post about things I'm actually proud of!

... You know, my friends and I take jokes like 'Jin can totally open bras with his mind' way too far.

Also - reggaeton!

This joke is probably only for Spanish-speakers, but Miranda! + Gackt would be the best combo ever:

(This is the original vid, BTW

My country's taste can rival Japan's...
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+ Remix is over! Reveals have been posted and I should start actually commenting on the fics - worst mod ever.

My remix was a little fluffy gen piece featuring Arashi and TOKIO.

I also got a fucking awesome remix by [ profile] katmillia! It's a remix of a Kameda story, featuring paparazzo!Ueda and moviestar!Kame.

+ I was going to happily scream NO MORE DEADLINES... but I signed up for Rainbow Bridge.

But both [ profile] je_justfriends and [ profile] je_ficgames fics are done! So that buys me some time to write some fic just for the heck of it. So much Matsukame lingering on my computer...

+ College and friends still suck, though.

Yes, those boobs are natural!

Now that I've caught your attention...

+ Arashi's new album! BEST THING EVER.

I totally love it. It has a way more current sound than their usual albums, even if it's less pop and more eurobeat. More danceable, also.
Now, the singles A-Sides are nothing like the album. Even the B-sides are more coherent.

Song by song review:
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Title: Banana no Garage! Please Repair My Life! (English: The Way of Fixing; Spanish: El Taller de los Bananas)
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: I wish
Air time: Friday 22:00
Music: Working Class Hero by TOKIO - Opening Theme
(No title yet) by Kamenashi Kazuya

Young college graduate Sakamoto Takehiko has just started on the uphill work of establishing himself as an accountant but when Ishigashi Taro, a hard-working yet slightly weird mechanic, hires him, their lives start twirling in a never-ending string of chaos and serendipitous occurences!
After Taro's garage burns down in a confusing accident, he decides to move in with his uptight accountant. But it turns out the mousy employee is a fiery landlord!
Will they manage to live together? Will they discover why did the garage burn down? And who is the mysterious neighbour who shows up at unexpected hours, anyway?

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1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

Notes: so much fun doing this. The cast part was awesome, mostly because I got to play the part of WTH Casting Agency. Luis Luque as a sleek book thief, that's all I say.
And then I imagined the fandom.

In an alternate world, books are the most essential commodity. Why is this so, and who are the brave (or not so brave) folks in the book trade? (Original idea by [info]morganize)

26 episodes-long science fiction series. Argentina and Japan co-production. Has actual production values, in a rare move for both countries. Locations include Tokyo, London, Buenos Aires and Paris..

Perros de presa (Hunting dogs, I guess)

An alternate Earth. Technology advanced at a much higher rate than on our world and, therefore, e-books were adopted way earlier, dooming books to an early death. However, an unexplained disaster has created a post-apocalyptic world which is just barely recovering itself. Among the consequences, knowledge stored in electronic devices has been lost and the few paper copies left are among the most prized objects, second only to fuel.
There are two distinct book trades, with different contexts and aims.
One works for the rich and wealthy with access to technology. They're e-book archaeologists, trying to figure out such arcane stuff as 'format' and 'Oh My God, that em dash killed the work of seven years'. Most of them are scientists and like to be called Tinkers.
The other trade is more underground and is linked with the remnants of governments, the last organized religions and with the omnipresent revolutionary groups. They deal with the famed paper copies and their trade is way more dangerous. They call themselves Libreros, but most people call them Chantas. Most of them come from cultural backwaters where technology wasn't as developed.
The series chronicles the exploits of several of these as their paths cross.
Violeta is a young, promising Librera. Sumire is an agent working for an e-book trade ring. Together, they fight crime. Or, rather, unveil old conspiracies!
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Honoring KAT-TUN fans hermeneutic efforts regarding 1582*, I shall prove it's not about that, oh no. IT'S ABOUT MATSUKAME! Obviously.

Let's list some Matsujun's solos and some Kame ones.

This is why I go to college )


*I think it's about Jesus in Purgatory. And I could PROVE that... but Matsukame is waaaaaay more important.
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Blame [ profile] fivesomeaday. Also check this entry.

So the challenge was to cast Arashi in some other fandom.
I chose Mamma Mia! And I made a poster.


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