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So I caved in - to RL friends, RP friends and, fuck, even my anonmeme of choice - and saw X-Men: First Class.

I'm not surprised in the least that I ship Charles/Erik, given that Magneto/Xavier has been one of my background ships forever (like Holmes/Watson or Athos/D'Artagnan).I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the movie. I liked it! For real!

There's not much to say about, besides 'I was kinda hoping for a kiss'. Because it was so framed in romantic tropes that it sorta annoyed me when it didn't go all the way even if I should know better.

Also, our only casualty is the black guy? Really? And the poor woman turns evil.

+ So now I want recs! Come on, flist, be awesome. :)

+ Randomly, I realized something about my ships. Now, while I do enjoy the occasional fix-it AU, there are some ships that I mainly enjoy for the trainwreck factor. Like, usually, in my choice of canons and fic to read I'm the fluffiest bunny that has ever fluffied. I like my ships healthy! I like my ships with a guaranteed Happily Ever After!

But there are some ships, like Doctor/Master or Remus/Sirius or Dumbledore/Grindelwald, that I enjoy for the impossibility of it all. If I'm going to be shipping something I think doesn't stand a chance, I ship like that. Totally in vain. It's prettier that way.

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Quiero decir, Bambi 2???
Digo, qué tal si la historia fuera así: la amder fue asesinada por una organización secreta gubernamental que está transformando a los animalitos en zombies. Bambi es el líder de la resisitencia y, a pesar de no tener pulgares oponibles, construyen varios robots gigantes: el Gundeer, el Evarabbit, el Mazinger Z (por Zorrino)... y pelean contra los malvados ninjas del Señor Oscuro.
Se infiltran en la Fortaleza Oscura TM pero Flor muere asesinado por un T Rex y Tambor también cae.
Pero en la batalla final, CHAN! Bambi ve a su madre y recuerda la muerte de Falina (porque, obvio, para que sea una antiheroe la mina tiene que estar muerta) y es vencido. Pero no es el fin... (aunque lo desearíamos), porque sus hijos aún luchan.
PD: ¿Qué sigue: Prince Kong, Regreso a Brokeback Mountain, Los Hijos de Hamlet, Blancanieves 2?


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