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I guess we all want to say what we think of it.

Akanishi is, apparently, leaving KAT-TUN. Can't say I'm surprised, can't say I'm sad. The guy obviously wants to be somewhere else, KaT-TUN can go on without him, Kame will be less stressed out, TTUN gets the spotlight and I'm happy because well, I don't like Akanishi. It's the best for everybody!

Akanishi doesn't like Japan as much and seems to fit in the USA better, although a part of me is going 'Boy, are you in for a surprise' but that's the Kame stan part of me talking.

Let's all just hope he doesn't end up like Takahara Toshihiko or Ninja. Sorry, Ninja, it's the truth!

Anyways, pretty bad timing for the first fan meeting of  RESCATATE KATTUN - my BFF's fanclub.
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Title: Banana no Garage! Please Repair My Life! (English: The Way of Fixing; Spanish: El Taller de los Bananas)
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: I wish
Air time: Friday 22:00
Music: Working Class Hero by TOKIO - Opening Theme
(No title yet) by Kamenashi Kazuya

Young college graduate Sakamoto Takehiko has just started on the uphill work of establishing himself as an accountant but when Ishigashi Taro, a hard-working yet slightly weird mechanic, hires him, their lives start twirling in a never-ending string of chaos and serendipitous occurences!
After Taro's garage burns down in a confusing accident, he decides to move in with his uptight accountant. But it turns out the mousy employee is a fiery landlord!
Will they manage to live together? Will they discover why did the garage burn down? And who is the mysterious neighbour who shows up at unexpected hours, anyway?

You know you want to see the Cast chart and the episode list )
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- I passed my Literary Theory I final! With an 8 (out of 10). I'm quite happy with it. I even managed to remember something about post-estructuralism

And I'm actually studying for college and for my language classes.

- The J-music convention I'm planning is going smoothly. We have 15 vendors, several bands have offered to play even if this time we can't do it, there's interest, people are talking about it.

And we have our very first YouTube 'commercial':

Translation! )

- We started our Japanese Literature Book Club! It went along awesomely. We were just nine people, but it went well. I coordinate it along two other students and our plan was to do introductions and then Rashomon, by Akutagawa.
For the introductions, each of us picked some images and talked about how those images related to Japan. And so many things came up! Even the concept of amae or the Taisho era. It was really great.
Vaguest spoilers for this week Doctor Who )

- I also planned non-existant doramas. Which are coming in the next post.

- Oh, I love Going, dislike Fall Down. And yes, I like KUNTT better.

- JE Remix sign ups start next week!

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Honoring KAT-TUN fans hermeneutic efforts regarding 1582*, I shall prove it's not about that, oh no. IT'S ABOUT MATSUKAME! Obviously.

Let's list some Matsujun's solos and some Kame ones.

This is why I go to college )


*I think it's about Jesus in Purgatory. And I could PROVE that... but Matsukame is waaaaaay more important.
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New ... chapter of the Matsukame thing.
I swear it grew on its own.
IT'S ALSO 3000 WORDS! I haven't written that much in ages.

New fic :D

Jan. 19th, 2009 05:05 am
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For the tiny part of my flist that cares yet hasn't beta'ed it: sequel to the Matsukame fic.
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So, I've finally posted an English translation that had been rotting in my hard drive since... months ago. This is the Spanish version.
It's a CCS fic, Touya/Yue bonding to be more exact.
I might even get some new fic done before Christmas! That is not cracky RPS about Japanese boybands... with totally unknown pairings.
Seriously, JE fandom, Jun/Kame is hot as Hell, WHY ISN'T THERE MORE FIC? I've looked all over the place and it's almost unexistant. I'm this close to start a Righteous Mission and go crazy with fics and spamming JUST SO I GET MORE OF IT.
Heck, I'd even consider listening to KAT-TUN... or at least watching their shows.


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