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Come on, people, go play! It's fun and it's awesome.

First things first - YULETIDE REVEALS! I totally got my writer right and I wrote a Gunnerkrigg Court fic with Borges quotes :P. Let's make use of the Share button:

The Wheel and the Serpent (1175 words) by faviconSole_Sakuma
Fandom: Gunnerkrigg Court
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Zimmy (Gunnerkrigg Court) & Gamma Czarnecki
Characters: Zimmy (Gunnerkrigg Court), Gamma Czarnecki, Antimony Carver

Zimmy has always been the Minotaur lost in her own maze, but her Theseus is kind.

And now, let's make some decisions. This year was terrible because of my own actions, so let's hope I'm better next year.

+ Manage my temper better.

+ Procastinate less.

+ Finals! Let's get rid of some of those! Rendir todos mis finales de segundo año, porque ya estoy en quinto y no da.

+ Sorta-graduate. That is, take the few classes I still have to take.

+ Sit for the JLTP N3!

+ Sit for the damn German test!

+ Lose 10 kg so that I'm at 55 kg again.

+ Write the One Piece/Arashi fusion fic that my Pirate AU has mutated into.

+ Write a fic a month, even if it's just a drabble!

+ Run Remix successfully again.

+ Go to Europe, either with the family or with the sister.


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- My friends came over to my house yesterday. I had such a great time! We spent some time at the pool, had heart-to-heart conversations, we watched the Countdown and silly Arashi stuff. Before we went to sleep, we ended up discussing Akanishi and his bad pick-up lines for like an hour. Roo even dreamt of the Jimusho.

- I watched the Countdown! It was great. Shiny yet not so shiny costumes, fanservice between people that hardly ever speak, a great amount of drunks, Johnny's from the past - my favourite part of the Countdown, since I actually like those Johnny's -. One of my favourite Countdowns.

- I also watched the Doctor Who finale. HM. HM. Can't wait to the 2010 season, though.

- JE_Hols reveals! I wrote Hello, you fool, I love you, a Kameda AU fic. Ueda is a paparazzi and Kame is a movie star and together they fight crime. Yes, really. Random appearances of most of the Jimusho, but mostly V6, KAT-TUN, Arashi and K8. Here at LJ, at DW and at the AO3.
I also uploaded my Yuletide fics to my DW/LJ fic journals.

- I'm a tag wrangler for the Archive of Our Own now! I'm really excited about it.

- The JE remix has more than 30 sign ups. I'm excited! Sign up before the 10th!
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So, the fics I've written were:

Aber ich vergesse nicht, dass es ein Morgenrot gibt (The Edukators/Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei) for [personal profile] jae
Don't fear the German title; it's in English.

And two Treats:

one in Gokusen: Toast is overrated, for partypaprika. I'm quite happy about how it turned out, actually.

and one in Kimi wa Petto - the manga, mind you -: Unpacking for [ profile] redbrunja. It's post-canon, so there'll be spoilers.
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So, I've finally finished and published my Stupid Fic.

Wow, it's almost 8000 words.

It's an angsty Matsukame fic, although bickering still features prominently!
Arashi is on tour and Kame pretends not to care, plus stuff happens.

Title: On Hairpulling, Coffee Stains and Other Lesser Evils
Fandom: JE fandom [Arashi/KAT-TUN]
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun/Kamenashi Kazuya, ie., Matsukame
Wordcount: 7,800
Summary: Between the secrets they keep and the lies they won't say, Jun and Kame fumble towards something. Maybe.

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I've finally published some Avatar fics in English I had laying around.
I must say, however, that they're about an OC.
Do you remember Birthday Guy in the finale? Well, I've written two fics.
About his wife.

Title: A Soldier's Wife
Here at DW | Here at LJ
Summary: Her first memory is her mother. After that comes a childhood of running down the beach and she feels the hot sand between her fingers...
Wordcount: 721

Title: A Woman by the Window
Here at DW | Here at LJ
Summary: A woman by the window, weaving a brand new robe. The Avatar is visiting and even if it’s just from afar, he will see them, her family, happy and big and smiling.
Wordcount: 652
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I... finished my bridezilla-by-proxy!Jun fic.To quote the summary, 'Aiba is getting married. Or he would be, except for the little fact he's missing, leaving the wedding planner (who other but Matsujun) and poor long-suffering Sho to deal with the consequences.'.


Apr. 24th, 2009 03:23 am
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I finished my first remix. I'm really proud of it, actually and really, really reaaaaaally loved doing it. It was fun and scary but hey, I like how it came out.

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Fic nueeeeevo. Sobre mi pseudo OC, la esposa del tipo que cumple años en el final de Avatar.
BTW, ¿betas para la algo así como companion piece en español?

Soo, English side of the flist, I have written fic about my almost OC [That is, Avatar's Finale's Birthday Guy's Wife.] and I need what we call 'betas'. They're two short fics and I'd love you forever if YOU WERE SO GENEROUS TO TAKE A LOOK AT IT!.

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New ... chapter of the Matsukame thing.
I swear it grew on its own.
IT'S ALSO 3000 WORDS! I haven't written that much in ages.

New fic :D

Jan. 19th, 2009 05:05 am
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For the tiny part of my flist that cares yet hasn't beta'ed it: sequel to the Matsukame fic.
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So, I've finally posted an English translation that had been rotting in my hard drive since... months ago. This is the Spanish version.
It's a CCS fic, Touya/Yue bonding to be more exact.
I might even get some new fic done before Christmas! That is not cracky RPS about Japanese boybands... with totally unknown pairings.
Seriously, JE fandom, Jun/Kame is hot as Hell, WHY ISN'T THERE MORE FIC? I've looked all over the place and it's almost unexistant. I'm this close to start a Righteous Mission and go crazy with fics and spamming JUST SO I GET MORE OF IT.
Heck, I'd even consider listening to KAT-TUN... or at least watching their shows.

New fics

Jan. 27th, 2008 09:02 pm
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¿Se acuerdan de este meme?  [personal profile] laurus_nobilis está de suerte: acá está el suyo. Un genfic sobre Neville. Más uno de Parakiss, Hiro/Yukari para [community profile] 30vicios.
Y dos traducciones al inglés.
So, I've finally finished one of this meme's fic, but it's Spanish. Neville-centric Like this Parakiss one. If you want to play around with Babelfish, I mean.
But I've thought of you, of course! So, look! A HP gen fic, about the Hogwarts Founders, and a Meiling/Tomoyo in English!
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So, people, since I'm finally writing fic (this meme's fics, [Bad username or unknown identity: my 30vicios]  Parakiss fics and [profile] piffle_fanfic's Reyes fic exchange... and that's excluding the three polled fics), I need BETAS. EVIL BETAS.
In English, because I'm translating old fics and my English grammar is all dusty. Y en español, porque escribo en español.
Please help? HP and CCS mainly, but a Parakiss fan who speaks Spanish would a gift from Heaven.
Pretty pretty please?
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Five new Grindeldore drabbles, two of them for the lovely [profile] mon_starling.
Which means I should start doing the ficlets from the meme. XP

Fic meme

Nov. 8th, 2007 12:16 pm
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The first 10 people who comment to this post will get a short fanfic. In return, post this meme on your own LJ.


Oct. 24th, 2007 03:23 am
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I have to finish my fics for [community profile] 30vicios like now.
And you can still ask for drabbbbles.
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They're done!
In somehow related news, I need a 'translation' beta because I feel like translating my Spanish fics into English and the last one didn't turned out too god.

Fic nuevo

Sep. 9th, 2007 06:29 pm
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Terminé el Touya/Yue que había mencionado antes.
De título le puse "Dudas Domingueras sobre la Dignidad del Durmiente".
¿Saben? Mis títulos o son la cosa más simple y directa que hay o son una pavada total.


Jun. 19th, 2007 12:03 am
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* ¡Ficathon de CLAMP en español! El link, para aquellos interesados.
* Hoy estaba pensando en los espejotofónos de HP y me asaltó un plotbunny de la nada: los espejotófonos existen. Los baños tienen espejos. Hogwarts tiene baños. Y ahora quiero escribir un fic donde veamos la historia del espejo del baño de Prefectas, encantado por la propia Rowena Ravenclaw. Tiene función "Memorias", "Porn-o-vision"... y podés cambiar de canal. Explicaría porqué Lily cambió de opinión respecto a James.
* Hora de historia personal: mi familia tiene un campo/chacra/granja. Hay una yegua llamada Paloma. Ayer me caí cuando estaba galopando y, por ende, me quedé sin anteojos a una semana de un examen.


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