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+ First, I should link to the gifts I got in the last two exchanges.

Why? Because they were absolutely awesome, that's why.

For [Bad username or site: je_justfriends @ site], I got a fantastic Who/Arashi crossover, featuring Matsumiya friendship and Eleven. It's great and it made me laugh a lot and everybody is IC and come on, Who/JE crossover!

And for Parallels Fic I got Ryuusei no Kizuna post-canon fluff, with Yukinari, Koichi and a family party. It's really, really heartwarming and funny.

I'm extremely happy until now this exchange season. Oh, don't I love exchanges.

+ Actually, yes, yes I do. Because I'm the kind of writer that works on feedback. I have silly ideas all the time and just stating them is enough for me. I don't need to write it down.

So I write for the comments or rather, for people's reactions. I don't really get those people who write for themselves. I write for hypothetical others and exchanges are awesome because I get to have a real, tangible recipient that I can tailor my fic for. It gives me motivation to finish the damn fic.

(All of this brought to you because

A - Remix is being hard to write
B - my latest fic has gotten very few comments and that makes my inspiration leave in a huff. I kinda wish it didn't matter so much to me.)
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+ Remix Redux reveals have already happened, so let's link to my only fic:

Swinging High (The When You Finally Make The Jump Remix) (1256 words) by faviconSole_Sakuma
Fandom: KAT-TUN (Band)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin

When they were kids, he and Jin would dare each other to jump off the swings. Jin always landed on his feet, Kame always ended up bruised.

IT'S AKAME. Gen, angsty Akame but hm, it felt weird to write about them. Really weird.

It's also my tenth remix. Wow.

I'm quite happy with the result. Similes may have gotten out of hand, but I have been wanting to use the line 'Summer sometimes it's like murder' for a long time now.

It's a fairly straightforward remix, specially given how I tend to go really overboard with my remixes and their metaness. The original story, by [ profile] sadlonleyme is about Ryo and Kame's and what they feel about Kame and Jin's past relationship. But it's mainly about how Kame got over that relationship and how he's happy now.

There were some other drabbles in her archive I could have remixed, but I'm happy I picked that fic. It gave me the chance to expand on the fic's flashbacks, because it's the first time I've taken one part of a fic and dwelt on that. I usually make the original fic one scene of the remix, instead of making the remix one scene of the original fic.

For example, my first remix was adding parallel scenes to the original story ones. It's like a reflection, I guess. Adding new POVs to the original story.

Get Out and Play is probably a variation on the same approach - paralleling the fic, so to say. Basically, it's what's going on at the same timeframe of the original story or rather the same story with Arashi instead of TOKIO.

Then, in This is the Night Akanishi Jin dies (The Waiting Waiting Waiting Remix) - in which Akanishi doesn't die - and Flower Girls (The Sisters of Mercy Remix) - which is a Nobuta fic -, the original story is one scene of the remix. It's a different approach - this is inserting the original fic in a longer timeframe and how that one incident impacts the main character.

The Akanishi one is also me being indulgent and doing a framed story because I'm in love with that. Also - wow, I need to stop having titled sections like yesterday.

And there's the 'seven AUs in one fic' one or the 'fangirls chat about the original fic' one I did for the latest round of JE Remix, which are just really weird. (And they're also me being indulgent.)

I'm not sure of how much the fic stands on its own, though. I ended up adding dates after both my betas - [ profile] ungalad and [ profile] lastingdreams8 - told me they didn't get exactly what happened.

That's how I ended up with titled sections. Again.

The swings imagery comes from the original fic, as does the racing stuff. I picked it up from the flashback. I adore swings - we have one in my backyard - and they've always been a calming spot for me. And the whole thing about jumping off them was one of my favourites games as a child, so that ended being the funky remix subtitle.

The seasonal thing is also something I now notice I repeat a lot, even if I really like how it worked here.

And this is the one I got, remixing Opera, a Matsukame drabble I did for a meme once:

Dustland Fairytale (1360 words) by faviconsadnlonleyme
Fandom: Johnny's Entertainment
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Kamenashi Kazuya/Matsumoto Jun

When the lights go out, there's only two people left on the stage.

+ I signed up for justfriends. Will you?

JE Just Friends

a johnny's gen fic exchange

+ Also - I think I'll probably sign up for [community profile] parallelsfic too. It's a rare Asian sources fandom exchange. Hell yes, Parakiss fic!
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+ Well, no, not really. It's also a terrible desire to run away just this moment. I feel like I'm living a flashback, like I'm supposed to be out of here but I'm stuck.

Oh, Wanderlust, sometimes you suck.

+ today I went to 'study' to my Japanese teacher's home. Daaamn, so much food! SO MUCH FOOD.

+ Sadly, it reminded me I lost the chance to apply for this year's scholarship because I was in the US.

+ Classes begin on Monday! Argentine and Latin American Literature - which means 20th Century, which means I know nothing about it! Also Critical Theory.

+ I'm going to Brazil for a week. I don't know why I complain sometimes.

+ I've almost kept up with [ profile] je_justfriends! I already got my fic. I quite loved it, really. It's very understated and nothing really happens, but I loved it!

[ profile] je_ficgames! I haven't voted because there's too much fic. TOO MUCH FIC.

Some recs justfriends - from what I could read :( -:

i. The Great Johnny's Relay (How Hina Got His Tupperware Back): you know that silly dengoban conversation about a Tupperware? Well, this fic is about that. Everybody shows up, ICly enough. Should reread it.
ii. La La La Boomerang Show: Arashi and TOKIO work at Nakai's paper company. Pranks ensue. As silly as it sounds.

Any rec, people who are keeping up with them?

Which means that now there's Arashi/Kame gang-bang fic. I guess my evil strategy of going kinkier work.

+ And that's it.

+ Also: I'm apparently slated to play Dick Grayson at Mansión. RPGs, I hates you.
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Title: Twelfth Song (The All Year 'Round Remix)
Author: [personal profile] solesakuma
Original: 10 Song Challenge by [ profile] mrsatterthwaite
Group: Arashi
Pairings: Aiba/Jun, Matsumiya, Sakuraiba, slight hints of Ohmiya
Genre: Angst; non-chronological order
Raiting: PG
Wordcount: 1,282
Summary: Everything has its place. Everybody finds their places. Sometimes we mess up. Sometimes we get messed up. Sometimes someone messes us up.

Betas: Thanks to [ profile] _arcadia and [ profile] sha_chan for the beta help. I adore you, girls. You were far braver than I.
Notes: It was hard, damn it! Choosing a challenge may be weird, but this story kept nagging me. I focused it more on the rest of the Arashi members and less on the couples. I hope it adds something to the original story.

September, every end is a new beginning
Read more... )
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Title: Self-preservation or the forgetting of Kamenashi Kazuya's survival skills
Fandom: JE fandom [Arashi/KAT-TUN]
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun/Kamenashi Kazuya, ie., Matsukame
Summary: In which a date goes wrong, Kame whines, Matsujun overreacts,  Nino is slightly creepy, Sakurai Sho is straight, Aiba screams and Ohno doesn't really know what's going on.

‘Maybe I want to tie you up and have my way with you.'’


‘Or maybe I want to invite the whole of Arashi.’

He could actually see that one.

Genre: Humour, romance, Nino being a bastard
Word count: 3016

Damn, Matsumoto was late. Late, not standing him up, damn it. And if Matsumoto dared to stand him up, he’d never hear the end of it. What’d the rest say? He’d be mocked mercilessly forever and ever (or until KAT-TUN stopped selling and was therefore disbanded). )
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Title: Of Ulcers, Mistakes and Angry Hedgehogs
Fandom: JE fandom [Arashi/KAT-TUN]
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun/Kamenashi Kazuya, ie., Matsukame
Summary: There was one advantage to having to do thirty photoshoots a week: it was automatic. But photoshoots were boring and boredom meant idleness of mind, and that meant that his mind wandered… to places where he definitely didn’t want it to drift. For example, to that dreadful night he refused to think about. Why did he still remember?
Genre: Humour, romance, Nino being a bastard
Word count: 1822
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] _arcadia , [ profile] daniela_lynx (who's not even into JE bands) and  [ profile] fujigaya who beta'ed this.
There was one advantage to having to do thirty photoshoots a week: it was automatic. )
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Title: The Truth About Snuggling Divas
Fandom: JE fandom [Arashi/KAT-TUN]
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun/Kamenashi Kazuya, ie., Matsukame
Summary: He opened his eyes and saw an unfamiliar ceiling… and then he saw hair. Perfect hair. Perfect hair at 7 a.m. Oh, no.
Genre: Humour, romance, Sho suffering
Word count: 1211 His whole body ached. What the fuck had he done…? )
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Title: Like a Spy
Fandom: CCS
Summary: Touya finds out new and exciting ways of spending a Sunday morning.
Genre: Gen
Word count: 828


Read more... )

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So. I've written JE RPS fic... about Jun/Kame, even.
Made particularly for [ profile] arcadia_ and more generally for my JE-loving flist.
So here it is, divalicious as it might be:

Title: Needs More Snuggling
Pairing: Jun/Kame
Wordcount: 1221 words.
Note:: Special thanks to Angie, with whom I planned this story. In the street. Doing the voices and all. In our defense, it was late.

It's quite long and my Muse wants a sequel. Please kill me )

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Título: Sonrisas Tontas
Fandom: Paradise Kiss
Pairing: HiroxYukari
Sumario: Le pasó el brazo libre por la cintura y la estrechó contra su cuerpo. Apoyó la frente en el hombro descubierto de Yukari. Se iba a agarrar una pulmonía si seguía usando ropa así.
Rating: ATP [Apto para todo público]
Varios: Spoilers para el final del manga y el anime
Total Palabras: 637
Para [community profile] 30vicios
[Tabla] [Orden de lectura]

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Taken from [ profile] allira_dream:

The fandom is Avatar.

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Drabbles )

From everybody around my flist:

Give me a pairing/various pairings (OT3s/4s/etc also accepted 8D) that I love, that I hate, that you want to know my opinion about and I'll rant about it (them) as much as I can.
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Title: Perpendicular Universes
Fandom: Doctor Who/HP/H.P. Lovecraft/Discworld/XXXholic
Summary: During the Year That Never Was, Martha meets someone whom she will meet several times. Or whom she has met several times? Non-linear time always made her head hurt.
Genre: Gen
Word count: 1707

¿Fic! )

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Tile: Always the Bridesmaid
Fandom: CCS
Pairing: Mei Ling/Tomoyo
Tomoyo yawned, as the common end-of-the-party loneliness ensued. Her eyes found a dignified lady, dressed in modern Chinese clothes. She examined the slender silhouette, the long legs, the sleek black hair. When she noticed the woman smiling back, she had to stop watching so intently, totally embarrassed. Had she forgotten her manners?

Genre: Romance
Word count: 1707

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Tile: Ravenclaw's Legacy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Salazar Slytherin/Godric Gryffindor
owena came back to the little tapestry-covered room a moonless night. The wind outside raged and the other three were covered in several layers of cloth, sitting near the fire. Rowena’s cheeks burned with excitement and she carried a strange bundle in her hands...
Genre: Gen, humour, fluff
Word count: 1134

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Título: Sentando cabeza
Fandom: Parakiss
Apenas puso un pie en la vereda, Yukari fue atrapada por una mancha rosada y chillona. Riendo, se separó de Miwako y entró a la casa.
Rating: ATP (apto para todo público porque el sistema inglés está olvidado en este momento)
Varios: Spoilers para el final del manga y del anime.
Total Palabras
: 619
[community profile] 30vicios
[profile]  [Tabla][Orden de lectura]

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Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald
Word count: 100 (all of them!)
Note: All of these are focused on Aberforth (or Dumbledore's family)

Written for [profile] mon_starling (German and Aberforth).

Title: Trifle Matters
Written for [profile] mon_starling (German and Aberforth).

Title: Filthiness
Written for[profile] grindeldore_100, prompt 'Goat'.

Title: A Tangled Mess

Title: Shall We Dance?

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¡FELIZ CUMPLE, [personal profile] laurus_nobilis!

Regalo )
Hubiera escrito algo más largo (realmente quería que cantaran ABBA juntas) pero mañana tengo examen.
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Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald
Word count: 100 (all of them!)

Written for [profile] grindeldore_100  , prompt 'Under'.

Title: When Albus met Gellert
Written for [personal profile] oddsbobs  ('the first time they meet').

Title: Preemptive Attack
Written for [info]parvani (the word preemptive and a purple hair tie).

Title: Blind
Written for
[info]ruthyuki999 ('when Dumbledore realises Grindelwald has a different view on how to gain power').

Title: Owls
Written for [profile] cambodianimp (the word 'inkstain').

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Título: Dudas Domingueras sobre la Dignidad del Durmiente
Fandom: CCS
Pairing: Touya/Yue
Sumario:  Es domingo a la mañana y, entre el café y las mediaslunas, Touya tiene Dudas de capital importancia sobre la mismísima naturaleza de Yue.
Rating: PG
Varios: Fluff. Post-canon. Gracias a [personal profile] laurus_nobilis por ser beta.
Total de palabras:

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Título: Lunas de Miel
Fandom: CCS
Pairing: Tomoyo/Mei Ling
Sumario:  Tomoyo bostezó, en la creciente soledad del final de cualquier fiesta. La gente se retiraba en grupitos y ella se fijaba en la ropa. Podía decir la hora por el estado de ésta, se dijo, sonriéndose algo triste... Sus ojos se encontraron con una distinguida dama ataviada en ropas de inspiración china pero con un toque moderno. Recorrió la esbelta figura, las piernas largas, el pelo lacio y renegrido.
Rating: ATP
Varios: ¡OMG, YURI! [Solamente porque es obvio por el pairing y odio ese tipo de warnings.]
Total de palabras:



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