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+ Fandom! Excited about Who. RPing quite a bit, new characters and all - probably the only Milady de Winter/Ariake Koichi player in the whole of IJ. Slowly getting back to Arashi because I miss them a lot.

+ I've written fic and I'm writing more.

So let's link it, because I can.

First, for a rare Asian fandoms exchange:

Better to travel well (1119 words) by faviconSole_Sakuma
Fandom: Nodame Cantabile (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Chiaki Shinichi/Noda Megumi

Travelling with Nodame was always a challenge.

Haven't reposted to LJ.

And then, for Just Friends, post-apocalyptic JE AU featuring Yamapi and Jin:

Built on Sand (3648 words) by faviconSole_Sakuma
Fandom: KAT-TUN (Band), NewS (Band)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Yamashita Tomohisa, Akanishi Jin

When they were wild and young and free, Yamapi and Jin promised to travel the world together. And even if life doesn’t always work that way, Jin will do anything to get his best friend back.

Also at LJ and DW.

+ Real life! I've been to Peru - Cusco and Machu Picchu. It was a really nice trip.

The Inca ruins were not as beautiful as the Mayan ones, but I think it was easier to visualize how they lived and how that Empire worked. They seem so efficient and in-tune with their environment, really. I'm kinda thinking they were Earthbenders (or that at least we need Inca!Earthbenders in Korra).

That said, I shouldn't make 'Ride a dangerous, cheap bus' a vacation tradition. This was shorter than the Greyhound ride, but dear Lord was it dangerous.

+ I was a redhead and now I'm not but I'm dying it again as soon as I can.

+ I'm back in college! I had no first semester classes left to take, so I took that time off - except I tried to sit for exams.

Quick Argentinian university system breakdown: it's free, no need of exams. Each 'career' - like Medicine or History or Aeronautic Engineer - has a course set that you must take and there's no taking Chemistry if you're trying to be a translator.

My career - Literature - has around 30 courses that you can do at your own pace. In my particular university, you have the 'cursadas' - that is, you went and took the class - and then the final - after you've passed that class, you sit for an exam that covers the whole syllabus -. Finals can be taken... whenever you want really.

So I spent my first semester basically studying at home, but now I'm trying to finish the few classes left for me. It amused me to see most of my cohort in the same situation. I'm happy, but really rusty.

+ That said, two more finals and I can work as a teacher! It's not tons of money, but I could afford to make some of my own.

+ September is going to be rough. One final, huge chance of partials, volunteer work, planning of birthday.

+ I've managed to drag my BFF to the gym. It's an accomplishment.
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So I caved in - to RL friends, RP friends and, fuck, even my anonmeme of choice - and saw X-Men: First Class.

I'm not surprised in the least that I ship Charles/Erik, given that Magneto/Xavier has been one of my background ships forever (like Holmes/Watson or Athos/D'Artagnan).I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the movie. I liked it! For real!

There's not much to say about, besides 'I was kinda hoping for a kiss'. Because it was so framed in romantic tropes that it sorta annoyed me when it didn't go all the way even if I should know better.

Also, our only casualty is the black guy? Really? And the poor woman turns evil.

+ So now I want recs! Come on, flist, be awesome. :)

+ Randomly, I realized something about my ships. Now, while I do enjoy the occasional fix-it AU, there are some ships that I mainly enjoy for the trainwreck factor. Like, usually, in my choice of canons and fic to read I'm the fluffiest bunny that has ever fluffied. I like my ships healthy! I like my ships with a guaranteed Happily Ever After!

But there are some ships, like Doctor/Master or Remus/Sirius or Dumbledore/Grindelwald, that I enjoy for the impossibility of it all. If I'm going to be shipping something I think doesn't stand a chance, I ship like that. Totally in vain. It's prettier that way.

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First, horribly late meme! I'm such a lazy poster... well, person.

Day 2: What themes or patterns do you write?

Since I write silly fluff most of the time, I have no idea at all. I guess... people finding out stuff and coming to terms with it, but that's such a broad idea. I like is seeing characters thrown off their balance and then, seeing them achieve a different kind of balance.

Hm. The other pattern, I think, would be 'unlikely friends'. Or rather, people that you never thought worked well together!

Day 1: What are you responding to or inspired by when you write fanfic?✔
Day 2: What themes or patterns do you write?✔
Day 3: What character archetypes do you enjoy (or hate) writing?
Day 4: Do you feel you have a writing style?
Day 5: When do you write what kinds of fanfics?
Day 6: How do you interact with readers' responses (or lack thereof)?
Day 7: Once it's posted, how do you interact with your story?

+ Regarding this awfully ridiculous chart, have first a fixed version that [personal profile] salinea  linked to and then a meme I stole from [personal profile] countlessuntruths:

GIVE ME A CHARACTER WHO IDENTIFIES AS FEMALE. Then I will write you the reasons why the lady is awesomer than awesome. It might be my squealing, it might be a drabble, it might be five reasons. The point is, I will gush about a female character, then YOU can gush about said female character and we will all be a little bit happier because 'FUCK YEAH, SHE'S AWESOME'.

+ Also: Yuletide fandom nominations are open! Yuletide is a small fandoms exchange and there are tons of dorama and manga fandoms nominated so go check it out!

I nominated Natsuniji and Mafalda, so, flist, you're my only hope!

+ ... I should stop doing exchanges.

Oh, fandom

Aug. 21st, 2010 01:39 am
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... Why do I read JE secrets? WHY?

So, basically, a lot of old Arashi fans don't like Arashi's new image - which I don't think is that much different, really, they're just older and come on, people, they can't be dorky teenagers anymore and they're still a little too young to be dorky old guys like TOKIO who don't give a damn about anything.

And yes, Sakurai goes overboard with the faily!act but then, at the beginning, he went overboard with the tought!act and hey, at least he's not being a poser now. And I like Jun a lot better now, actually so. And I don't see that big of a change in the rest of them.

But, to cut the rambling, sometimes you move on. Most fans go from one fandom to another. It happens.

CLAMP was my first fandom but to be honest, I should have left long before I did. I started hating them and you know what I did? I mocked them with ABBA and then just dropped them.
I survived, so if you dislike ARashi now... go to K-pop! Or to the BBC Sherlock! Just... stop talking about realness when they're idols. If we believe their interviews, they have way more control now than they did then. Maybe this is what they want.

So I never thought I'd become one of the people that said STOP HARSHING MY SQUEE, but I am now. Girls, if they bore you now, leave. To use the old fannish metaphor, Arashi now is your high school boyfriend who is now in his late 20's. He's not as fun anymore, he's trying too hard to be an adult and your parents may love them, but you've changed. So have they! It happens.

Move on before they're the boyfriend that stole your notebook and forgot to pay rent and became unrecognizable - hello there, CLAMP.

Move on. It's better for the one of us that are still into them.

DISCLAIMER: I never move on from fandoms, not really, so I never quite understand most fans. XD
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+ Remix is over! Reveals have been posted and I should start actually commenting on the fics - worst mod ever.

My remix was a little fluffy gen piece featuring Arashi and TOKIO.

I also got a fucking awesome remix by [ profile] katmillia! It's a remix of a Kameda story, featuring paparazzo!Ueda and moviestar!Kame.

+ I was going to happily scream NO MORE DEADLINES... but I signed up for Rainbow Bridge.

But both [ profile] je_justfriends and [ profile] je_ficgames fics are done! So that buys me some time to write some fic just for the heck of it. So much Matsukame lingering on my computer...

+ College and friends still suck, though.

Yes, those boobs are natural!

Now that I've caught your attention...

+ Arashi's new album! BEST THING EVER.

I totally love it. It has a way more current sound than their usual albums, even if it's less pop and more eurobeat. More danceable, also.
Now, the singles A-Sides are nothing like the album. Even the B-sides are more coherent.

Song by song review:
Read more... )
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Well, Arashi's really.

Yes, the boys are working hard. They're working a lot. Their singles rate is getting kinda ridiculous.

But GANTZ isn't slated for release next year and Ooku will premiere in October. That means, that the two singles are months away. They have their album release and yes, the Natsuniji song so...

So this year we have had Troublemaker, Monster, To be free, Natsuniji and probably the Ooku song. That's five singles. Which is not that far away from their normal singles schedule. And yes, one album. They release one of those - or a compilation - every year around this time.

They're not idiots. They know this popularity will either end or turn them into SMAP. If they want to take their chances and earn as much money as they can while it lasts, let them- They're adults. They're not teenagers any more.

And come on! IDOLS ARE NOT ARTISTS, not by design at least. Stop bringing music or artistic integrity to this fandom. They are marketing. One hundred percent gimmick. Do I think Nino is a talented actor? Yes. I also realize that's not his focus. Do I believe he could be a kickass songwriter? Yep. But, again, JOHNNY'S. That's not the point. They sell dream versions of themselves and the music is just an excuse. Live with it or go to the Pink Floyd fandom.

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I guess we all want to say what we think of it.

Akanishi is, apparently, leaving KAT-TUN. Can't say I'm surprised, can't say I'm sad. The guy obviously wants to be somewhere else, KaT-TUN can go on without him, Kame will be less stressed out, TTUN gets the spotlight and I'm happy because well, I don't like Akanishi. It's the best for everybody!

Akanishi doesn't like Japan as much and seems to fit in the USA better, although a part of me is going 'Boy, are you in for a surprise' but that's the Kame stan part of me talking.

Let's all just hope he doesn't end up like Takahara Toshihiko or Ninja. Sorry, Ninja, it's the truth!

Anyways, pretty bad timing for the first fan meeting of  RESCATATE KATTUN - my BFF's fanclub.
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The Doctor Who finale, I mean.

It was awesome, I loved it, it pinged me deep into my soul and FUCK IT, I LURVE IT.



The plot doesn't make sense, but it was entertaining enough that I just... didn't realize that.
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Hey, JE fandom people, the Remix is asking you questions. Again.
And our new mod got a Colbert icon. Just because we could.

And also about JE fandom (and RPS), there was a cool discussion about what constitutes canon in RPF and I wanted to know if I missed the mark, in your humble opinions. And to ask you what do you think is canon. Do rumours count? Do we even have a canon?

Still in the JE area, OMG, I'M SO SCARED. Me and my friends are making what we thought was going to be a tiny J-music event - like a con, but much smaller and shorter -. We might be too successful, but since the point is to get money in order to throw a Akanishi themed party and that means we need all the alcohol we can get...
And then people might not get our humour, but really. That'd mean they're boring.
Real life! )

Usagi drop )

Ooku - vague spoilers - )

Y en español, porque es serio e importante. Y libresco.
La semana que viene voy a la Feria del Libro a patinar el dinero y sostener el sistema capitalista que nos oprime a todos.
Pensaba gastar la mitad en ficción - comic y ... lo de las letras - y la otra mitad en Libros Serios para Gente Seria. (Fondo de Cultura Económica, ALLA VOY.) ¡Recomienden!
Lo otro era preguntarles si sabían de alguna compilación de leyendas japonesas que esté buena, para el taller de literatura. más que nada nos vamos a centrar en el mito de la creación y en Amaterasu. ([ profile] rainmage , es tu deber como mythology geek! Y Okami geek as well.)

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So, the fics I've written were:

Aber ich vergesse nicht, dass es ein Morgenrot gibt (The Edukators/Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei) for [personal profile] jae
Don't fear the German title; it's in English.

And two Treats:

one in Gokusen: Toast is overrated, for partypaprika. I'm quite happy about how it turned out, actually.

and one in Kimi wa Petto - the manga, mind you -: Unpacking for [ profile] redbrunja. It's post-canon, so there'll be spoilers.
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You know, I still like how RTD always proves that my Dorktor is not emo nor over-the-top enough.

So yeah.


Dec. 2nd, 2009 06:43 pm
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I'm so happy I'm done with JE_Holiday. :)
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Robado de mi mascota y la otra. :D

Give me a character/pairing and choose a line of this song.

Read more... )

Check my interests for fandoms. :O

- Avatar: the Last Airbender, Suki/Sokka, Could never contain the contradictions I adore

- JE fandom
, Matsujun/Kame
- Like a self-help manual that’s been written in Braille
- I tried to write an opera for us
- I reckon every second second we come up with something new

- Card Captor Sakura
- Yue/Touya, A litany of prettiness and pettiness too
- Mei Ling/Tomoyo, Like a self-help manual that’s been written in Braille

- Gankutsuou, Franz/Albert, Like the rhythm of a pulse, or the contours of firelight

- RomeoxJuliet
- Ophelia, We can just be chaos and then something aligns
- Willy and Francisco, Overblown libretto and a sumptuous score.

- RENT, Mark, Overblown libretto and a sumptuous score

- Doctor Who, the Doctor, It’s like catching sunlight in a jar
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Espaol )

No se preocupen, no se preocupen, ya regresaré a postear sobre boybands ridículas.

English )

And now we go back to our scheduled broadcast of silly boybands.


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