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I liked it a lot, although I get that if you don't like Moffat, you'll hate this episode. It's Moffat at his Moffiest.

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First, I loved it. I loved last season and this one is gearing up to be awesometastic.

Second, I watched this one with Pocho, my little brother, making this a POCHOWATCH. This is non-spoilery - but River has surpassed the Doctor himself in his ranking of coolness. Let's bear in mind Amy was always the first one. And they say little boys don't like female characters.

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DW 6x01

Apr. 24th, 2011 05:51 am
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+ I loved it. Pure id goodness. I can't really comment on quality, because well, Moffat's style, comedic sensibility and storytelling elements are pure id goodness for me.

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The Doctor Who finale, I mean.

It was awesome, I loved it, it pinged me deep into my soul and FUCK IT, I LURVE IT.



The plot doesn't make sense, but it was entertaining enough that I just... didn't realize that.
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- I passed my Literary Theory I final! With an 8 (out of 10). I'm quite happy with it. I even managed to remember something about post-estructuralism

And I'm actually studying for college and for my language classes.

- The J-music convention I'm planning is going smoothly. We have 15 vendors, several bands have offered to play even if this time we can't do it, there's interest, people are talking about it.

And we have our very first YouTube 'commercial':

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- We started our Japanese Literature Book Club! It went along awesomely. We were just nine people, but it went well. I coordinate it along two other students and our plan was to do introductions and then Rashomon, by Akutagawa.
For the introductions, each of us picked some images and talked about how those images related to Japan. And so many things came up! Even the concept of amae or the Taisho era. It was really great.
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- I also planned non-existant doramas. Which are coming in the next post.

- Oh, I love Going, dislike Fall Down. And yes, I like KUNTT better.

- JE Remix sign ups start next week!

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  • Watched the first 3 episodes of Doctor Who new season this weekend. I'm loving it. It's childlike and silly. Eleven is not emo. I'm liking Amy more and more. I like her recklessness and her quick thinking. And she does things and she gets the Doctor. And her hair is great.
  • Fuck. I'm going to hate next episode, aren't I?
  • Watched Disc 2 of 5x10 as well. FUCKING AWESOME. FUCKING AWESOME. OMG. RAIN. AND HUGS. AND HAPPINESS. And if they actually gave Jun that jacket, they deserve to die.
  • Watched the SMAP vs KAT-TSUN special. It was unbelievably TUNN-ish.
  • SMAP's awesomeness is obvious, but yet: OMG SO AWESOME.
  • There's no way in Hell Arashi could make that kind of special and have no reality subtext.
  • Kame was so ... serious and actually competing during the thing. Come on, it's Nakai. How the fuck do you take Nakai seriously, Kamenishi? That said, KT needs more senpai bullying.
  • J-music con still going smoothly. We have too many ideas but yet. Rumours about us abound so we've decided our identities will remain a secret. (Note: I know every geek in my city. In fact, our main "enemies" are ... kouhais in mine. Or were. So really, our hiding of identities amounts to wearing cowboy hats during the convention.)
  • Avoided studying.
  • Remix Redux assignments are here and I like mine. Yay!
  • Any good doramas this season?
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- My friends came over to my house yesterday. I had such a great time! We spent some time at the pool, had heart-to-heart conversations, we watched the Countdown and silly Arashi stuff. Before we went to sleep, we ended up discussing Akanishi and his bad pick-up lines for like an hour. Roo even dreamt of the Jimusho.

- I watched the Countdown! It was great. Shiny yet not so shiny costumes, fanservice between people that hardly ever speak, a great amount of drunks, Johnny's from the past - my favourite part of the Countdown, since I actually like those Johnny's -. One of my favourite Countdowns.

- I also watched the Doctor Who finale. HM. HM. Can't wait to the 2010 season, though.

- JE_Hols reveals! I wrote Hello, you fool, I love you, a Kameda AU fic. Ueda is a paparazzi and Kame is a movie star and together they fight crime. Yes, really. Random appearances of most of the Jimusho, but mostly V6, KAT-TUN, Arashi and K8. Here at LJ, at DW and at the AO3.
I also uploaded my Yuletide fics to my DW/LJ fic journals.

- I'm a tag wrangler for the Archive of Our Own now! I'm really excited about it.

- The JE remix has more than 30 sign ups. I'm excited! Sign up before the 10th!
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You know, I still like how RTD always proves that my Dorktor is not emo nor over-the-top enough.

So yeah.
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Ayer tuve un cumpleaños y estuvo buenísimo. ¡Bailamos Johnnys! Y nos cansamos muchísimo, la verdad.
Mis viejos ya se fueron a Brasil (de vacaciones) y vuelven el martes 27. Paz y tranquilidad.
Pero ahora, Doctor Who:
Yesterday I went to a birthday party and we dance Johnnys! It was fun but I got so tired.
My parents have already left for Brazil (on holidays). They'll be back on the 27th.
And now, DOCTOR WHO:
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  • A cada episodio que veo, más segura estoy de cómo lo juego.
  • Hablando de eso, espero que no hayan matado a Tiky sin mí. Ya sé que estoy cayendo en hiatus todo el tiempo pero juro que no lo planeo así. >.<
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Today my bro, while we were watching The Simpsons (the Lucy Lawless episode):
Me: It's the Doctor!
Him: [in OMG!GEEK REFERENCE! tone] Yes, the Doctor Who!
Which amuses me, because
A) 4th Doctor, my brother has only seen Ten.
B) he was so happy there was a reference.


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