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So, I've finally posted an English translation that had been rotting in my hard drive since... months ago. This is the Spanish version.
It's a CCS fic, Touya/Yue bonding to be more exact.
I might even get some new fic done before Christmas! That is not cracky RPS about Japanese boybands... with totally unknown pairings.
Seriously, JE fandom, Jun/Kame is hot as Hell, WHY ISN'T THERE MORE FIC? I've looked all over the place and it's almost unexistant. I'm this close to start a Righteous Mission and go crazy with fics and spamming JUST SO I GET MORE OF IT.
Heck, I'd even consider listening to KAT-TUN... or at least watching their shows.


Feb. 11th, 2008 05:33 am
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Duh, I've just realized that with Amaterasu!Kendappa/Ninja!Souma Nihon!Tomoyo/Meiling seems a lot less cracky.
And I'm still pissed off at CLAMP because they still haven't included the Magic Knights.
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¡FELIZ CUMPLE, [personal profile] laurus_nobilis!

Regalo )
Hubiera escrito algo más largo (realmente quería que cantaran ABBA juntas) pero mañana tengo examen.
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Nah, nada más sus opiniones sobre CCS.
Terminó la primer "temporada" y estamos en la mitad del tomo 7:
Nah, not really. Just his opinions on CCS. We've been reading the manga together.
We're up to volume 7 now. He's six.

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LJ se comió mi entrada una vez. ¿Recuerda que mi hermano y yo estabamos leyendo CCS?
Hoy leímos hasta el final del primer capítulo del tomo cuatro (es decir, hasta que atrapan a Maze).
Now in English.
I've been reading CCS to my brother (he's six), leaving out all the Rika/Terada but nothing else. So tonight we reached the Maze card capture. These are his opinions:

Fic nuevo

Sep. 9th, 2007 06:29 pm
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Terminé el Touya/Yue que había mencionado antes.
De título le puse "Dudas Domingueras sobre la Dignidad del Durmiente".
¿Saben? Mis títulos o son la cosa más simple y directa que hay o son una pavada total.


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