Oct. 10th, 2016

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Dear writer,

Sorry for the lateness!

I honestly would appreciate about any fic about the characters I requested. Any!

Things I love

Curtain and slife-of-life fic. I'm not much for angst and my favourite tone ranges from fluffy to bittersweet. I deeply enjoy humour, particularly dry or sarcastic humour... as well rom-com-ish humour.

I very much like stories that play with the formal structure, use weird formats or go all meta. I also like stories about the little wonders of every-day life. And plotty casefic! My favourite genres are mystery and fantasy, fwiw.

In terms of characters, I like conflictive yet loyal dynamics and makeshift families a whole damn lot.

General DNWs

Bodily fluids except for blood, rape, incest.

Other places to check out

This is my tumblr and this is my fic.

Keizoku 2: SPEC | SPEC ~ First Blood

Requested characters: Toma Saya - Sebumi Takeru

My favourite part of SPEC is how it deals with the themes of memory, pain and identity. I like how what makes us ourselves and what makes us humans is our memories and how memory = truth.

I also deeply enjoy how optimistic it is, despite the gore, the death and the Apocalypsis.

I'm interested in anything, but specially in post-canon fic or case files (or both). Exploring the canon lore would also super interesting, given how little sense it makes and how utterly cryptic it is.

In terms of tone, given how SPEC is all over the place, as long as it maintains the bizarreness and off-putting nature of the show, I'm happy with it.

I ship Touma/Sebumi a whole damn lot, but since their relatioship is pretty much universe-changing and rule-defying, I also really like gen fic about them and their relationship.

My DNWs for this canon would be my general ones + mundane AUs.


Requested characters: Corvo Attano - Emily Kaldwin - Jessamine Kaldwin

My favourite thing about this canon is its worldbuilding and how lived-in its world is. I'm really interested in how that connects to the personal journeys of the characters.

I love Corvo's bond to the Kaldwins. So I would really enjoy

- pre-canon fic about how their makeshift family worked
- fic set during canon where Corvo and Emily deal with what happened to Jessamine
- post-canon fic about Jessamine's legacy and Emily's reign.

I'd also really love canon divergence fic.

Ant-Man (Movies)

One of my favourite things about Ant-Man is its sense of fun and warmth. While the stakes are high-ish, the movie always has fun with its premise. So I'd enjoy fic ranging from bittersweet to fluffy.

In terms of the characters requested, it would be interesting to see how Hope reacts to Luis, for example. Or how Hank grapples with Scott taking his legacy and running with it. How does Hank react to Luis, as well? Luis is part of Scott's past and it'd be nice to see that interacting with his present in general.

My DNWs for this canon would be my general ones + deathfic and mundane AUs.


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