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Since my requests were very open, you can read on if you want more details. :)

+ General likes, dislikes and squicks:

I'm a fluff bunny. I like happy stories the most - gen, F/F, M/M, threesomes, AU, whatever - but I can enjoy angst stories as well. I enjoy porn, but it's not required at all.

In terms of pairings, a dynamic I enjoy is when the relationship is always confrontational, rife with communication issues and always slightly violent, but in which both people are willing to fight for it and become better people as a result.

I also enjoy romance of the not-so-loud kind. While romantic clichés have a place in my heart, I'm more of a curtain fic girl. Fluffiness and slice-of-life fics are awesome; you know, just a quiet, unassuming fic about the bittersweetness and the wonders of every day life.

In terms of gen, friendship and makeshift families and the overcoming differences and learning about new stuff are tropes I really like.

If you want to write some plotty stuff, then I'm all for it! Post-canon and fill-in-the-gaps fics are welcome, as well as pre-canon stuff.

Humour - particularly of the sarcastic or the absurd kind. Banter and witticisms - even smug ones! - is always welcomed, as are strong narrative voices, strong stylistic choices, references and meta commentary. I'm a Lit major, I appreciate it a lot.

My squicks would be bodily fluids - except for blood, but even then I'm a little squeamish -, gore, mpreg, vore and chan/shotacon. It's a rather short list. :)


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