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So! You may have heard of the OTW - Organization for Transformative Works -. It's a non-profit organization run by fans that wants to help fandom in all its forms - when fandom wants it, of course -. Among other projects, the OTW handles the Archive of Our Own, an fanfic archive that accepts every kind of fic - RPF, anime, manga, TV series, movies, comics, video games, ice cream flavours... - and that's completely funded by donations. No ads! There's also the Open Doors project, that's available for fic archives which are in danger of going under, Fanlore - a wiki about fandom -, etc.

I've been a tag wrangler at the AO3 for a few years now and this year I became a staffer - that is, a volunteer with more responsibility -. If you're ever interested, there are many ways to help. (Tag Wrangling is easy! And doesn't take that much time! Many fandoms need people who can take care of the tags.)

I know many people have issues with the AO3 and the OTW in general, and this is your chance to give feedback! We're doing a survey right now that covers ... many, many things, to try and figure out what people think of the OTW. :)

OTW Community Survey, April 18-May 2, 2012, survey URL
OTW Community Survey


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