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Dear Yuletide Author:

Thanks in advance! I left my requests very open, but if you want more details, read on!

You could check my interests or my fics to get an idea of what I like, probably.

First, some general likes, dislikes and squicks, in case you're like me and want more info:

I'm a fluff bunny. I like happy stories - gen, F/F, M/M, threesomes, AU, whatever - but I can enjoy angst stories as well. I enjoy porn, but it's not required at all.

In terms of pairings, a dynamic I enjoy is when the relationship is always confrontational, rife with communication issues and always slightly violent, but in which both people are willing to fight for it and become better people as a result.

I also enjoy romance of the not-so-loud kind. While romantic clichés have a place in my heart, I'm more of a curtain fic girl. Fluffiness and slice-of-life fics are awesome; you know, just a quiet, unassuming fic about the bittersweetness and the wonders of every day life.

In terms of gen, friendship and makeshift families and the overcoming differences and learning about new stuff are tropes I really like.

Humour - particularly of the sarcastic or the absurd kind. Banter and witticisms - even smug ones! - is always welcomed, as are strong narrative voices, strong stylistic choices, references and meta commentary. I'm a Lit major, I appreciate it a lot.

My squicks would be bodily fluids - except for blood -, gore, mpreg, vore and chan/shotacon. It's a rather short list. :)

+ Mafalda - Quino [Comic Strip]

Future fic would be awesome. Fic about their childhood games and about their loose Nakama would be nice as well. Or about their teenage years.

Given the political nature of the strip, a fic focusing on that would be good but only if you feel confident doing so.

Susanita/Manolito is my favourite ship and probably the first one. They're belligerent but their core values - fucked up as they are - are in sync. They're far more alike they care to admit.

I grew up on this comic and maybe at first I missed most political jokes, but now I can appreciate it for the keen social commentary it really is. Some of it may be a little outdated - for example, Mafalda's attitude towards her mother - but a lot of it still rings true. Its insight on the Argentinian society still holds up.

I like how the children work together even if they're that different. I'm always curious about whether they drifted apart as they grew older or not.

Since the historic, political aspect is so pronounced, I'd love something that explores how the cast reacted to the changed that ensued after the comic ended, but if you're not that confident about your knowledge of Argentinian history or politics, future fic about their interpersonal relationships would be great!

+ Gunnerkrigg Court [Webcomic]

I enjoy the mythological, referential aspect of the comic and its absurd edges.

But what sets it apart are its characters and their relationships. They're well-defined and constantly evolving.

Friendship fic is great - I'd rather not get Annie/Kat -, specially if it focus on Annie's Lost Summer.

Annie has grown a lot on me - I like how unlikeable she gets sometimes, in a typically teenage way, and how those characteristics are related to her rather odd upbringing. Her friendship with Kat works very well - they get each other in a fundamental level and they compliment each other's faults.

I also like the almost parental role Rey has took in their lives. He's a very hairy older brother or crazy uncle. A fic from his POV could be really interesting.

Fic that fills in the gaps would be amazing. Annie's Lost Summer, Rey's backstory, Kat's childhood.

I'd even welcome Boxbot fic.

+ Keizoku : SPEC [Dorama, 10 episodes long]

Given that their bond is the emotional core of the series, anything focusing on that would make me happy.

Case file! Post-canon fic! Contemplative vignettes! Baby fic! High school AU! Anything!

I love the quirky, unsettling tone of this show a lot and how that spills over to the characters. They're all off-putting and weird, even if they have hidden depths. It also helps the slightly humorous tone. I really loved how I never knew whether to laugh or not at certain scenes.

So in terms of tone, a mix of angst and humour would be great.

I ship Toma/Sebumi like burning. It's understated but epic - they get each other and are not afraid of letting the other one face danger and make their own decisions.

Their relationship would be as weird as they are, so if you do write it, don't be afraid of keeping the rough edges! I can buy them as kinky sex fiends, asexual soulmates and everything in between.

+ Les Trois Mousquetaires | The Three Musketeers - Alexandre Dumas [book]

While I like all four of them, I'm really intrigued by Athos and d'Artagnan bond. d'Artagnan's hero worship of Athos borders on an infatuation and Athos' blind trust in the younger dude is... weird.

You can take it to slashy places or not, I just want some exploration of their relationship in any form. Humour, angst, anything!

I like how broken Athos is, in contrast to d'Artagnan hope and confidence. They're both entertaining assholes and Dumas doesn't really take them seriously. (But did he ever take anything seriously?)

So fic following the tone of the book - playful, ironic, a little detached - would be awesome, but so would be fic taking their issues a little more seriously. Go ahead and try to make me laugh or break my heart, I'm equally happy.

Maybe playing with literary conventions could be fun. Some choice pages of their memories or letters.

If, dear author, you decide to write slash about them, porn would be really welcomed but not required at all.
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