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+ Well, it was... expected, in a way. I was already convinced their arc was over or next to over and while I think they'll be back in the finale, I doubt they'll be back as regulars next series.

Rory was clearly over the TARDIS adventure stuff - past tense! - and Amy needed to grow up. That has been her problem since Day 1 and even if I doubt she's completely over the Doctor - not in romantic terms, mind you - she's at least starting to do that.

+ It's a great companion piece to The Girl Who Waited. Old!Amy lost her faith in the Doctor, now Young!Amy did as well, but in a less bitter way.

+ Oh, Doctor. The last scene, with the Minotaur telling him to accept death.

I'm 90% sure he was his own worst nightmare, but we did hear the Cloister Bell so it could also be the TARDIS dying. Or the Doctor killing the TARDIS.

And he believes in something, unlike Rory. I took that as 'no faith in external forces'. During the series, Rory has grown into a very self-reliant dude.

+ You know, him being able to let go of the Doctor more easily supports my theory that both of them are audience surrogates - Rory for the non-fannish audience, Amy as the fandom.

+ Regarding the actual episode, The Shining? Yeah, maybe, but that monster was lifted from The House of Asterion, a Borges short story.

And I LOVED RITA. ALthough I agreed with Rory as well.

+ Also, I understand why they won't fix the Melody situation - it would change too much.


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