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I liked it a lot, although I get that if you don't like Moffat, you'll hate this episode. It's Moffat at his Moffiest.

+ There were more answers than I expected. And more cats out of bags, as well. Now the Doctor knows and most of the secrets characters were keeping are out in the open.

+ I loved the Doctor's characterizations in this episode. His guilt, poor thing. And he cared about all of them! All of them!

+ I ship River/Doctor like burning after that scene. I like the Doctor with almost-enemies, really.

+ I liked young!River and also, very importantly, I called it. I was all 'Too obvious!' and then it was and LOL Moffat! I know your brain!

+ This episode cemented my love of Rory/Amy. My pings, flist. My pings. Childhood friends! Communication issues! BFF!

+ Rory was so hot. And he punched Hitler!

+ He and Amy work so well as a team, don't they?

+ I'm so glad that crew didn't die. So, so glad. /Sole cares about the Red Shirts

+ I like how this episode addressed so many meta issues about Time Travel. The 'Let's Kill Hitler!' thing and how Time Travel might be used as well.

+ Also, sucky concept of Justice there.

+ Now for questions unanswered recap - what do the Silence actually want? What's the Question? How does the Doctor survive?


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